Corvette Central Unveils Cutaway C4 Corvette


Corvette Central Unveils Cutaway C4 Corvette

In the spirit of the old and new cutaway Corvettes that GM displayed at car shows around the country comes the C4 Cutaway Corvette built by Corvette Central. The drivable Corvette was unveiled appropriately enough at Corvettes at Carlisle. A majority of the outer and inner trim panels have been removed so you can view the car’s hidden components.

The C4 Corvette cutaway was developed in cooperation with Petris Enterprises in Scottsboro, Alabama. The Corvette is a red 1988 model with a tuned port injected 5.7 liter V8 and a 4-speed automatic. The display shows both OEM equipment as well as replacement and performance upgrades offered by Corvette Centeral.

Look for the Corvette Central’s Cutaway C4 Corvette coming to a show or seminar near you.

Click here for a hi-res photo.

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