[VIDEO] This Corvette Is NOT a Highly Maneuverable Ship


Corvette Gets Fished Out of Lake

Corvette Hall of Famer Myron Scott is best known as the man who named the Corvette. According to the National Corvette Museum, Myron was reading the dictionary under “C” looking for a name to call a new Chevrolet sports car when he came across Corvette, a speedy pursuit ship in the British Navy.

Although it was Myron Scott who coined the phrase, it was an unidentified man in British Columbia who actually tried to prove his red C6 Chevrolet Corvette was also a speedy ship by driving into St. Mary Lake last week.

Witnesses said the unidentified man drove his Red C6 into the lake and the car floated for quite a while and then slowly sank about 50 feet off-shore.

Emergency crews arrived on the scene and the man had commandeered a two person paddle boat and was heading out into the lake. The man was taken into custody and is under care by a mental health doctors at a local hospital.

Here is the video of the Corvette being pulled from the lake.

BC Local News

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  1. Clearly not a convertible.. However, I think GM should start making the Corvette water proof. It could be the first amphibious supercar!!

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