Corvette ZR1’s Chassis and LS9 Engine Cutaway Displays


Perhaps taking a page from past Corvette auto show displays, Chevrolet has rolled out two displays for the Corvette ZR1 at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. The first shows a cutaway of the potent LS9 6.2L supercharged V8. Decked out in a monochrome silver paint, the cutaway gives us a glimpse of inner workings of the Eaton supercharger showing the twin screws.

The LS9 Corvette Cutaway

The second display features a rolling chassis of the Corvette ZR1. The vertical display gives the impression that the Corvette is ready to blast off.

The ZR1 Corvette Chassis does an excellent job of walking you through the technical aspects of both displays. Click below to visit each of their posts and soak up all that Corvette ZR1 coolness.

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