Z06 Corvette Named to Automobile All-Stars List


2007 Z06 CorvetteAutomobile Magazine gives us an end of the year treat with their 2007 Automobile Magazine All-Stars List. For the second consecutive year, the Z06 Corvette has been named an All-Star. Each All-Star (10 total) have a one-page review and this particular Z06 reviews is one of the more fun to read. Here is just a sample:

To exploit all this speed and agility, bring your best driving skills. Those inclined to flick off the Active Handling system do so at the risk of seat stains and Corvette-shaped guardrail dents.
The snappy writing is just the beginning. Automobile Magazine also included a multimedia gallery for each of the cars. There is an image gallery where you can download Z06 desktop wallpapers. You can hear an audio file of the Z06 as the driver shifts through the first three gears. Lastly, there is a video file of a LeMans Blue Z06 Corvette doing some burnouts on Route 66. Source:
Automobile All-Stars
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