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Best Video Yet: C6.R Corvette Lapping Le Mans

by Keith Cornett on June 14, 2007

OnBoard Camera Captures C6.R Vette at Le is in France for the 24 Hours of Le Mans and sacrificed a Canon PowerShot camera to get this awesome video of the #63 Corvette C6.R driven by Ron Fellows on a reconnaissance lap of the track. The site has photos of Program Manager Doug Fehan and a crew member taping the camera to the outside of the vehicle. By mounting the camera outside you really get the full effect of the sound coming from the Corvette as well as the ability to really see how fast these cars can go.

BBV also acknowledges that “the video download crashed the team’s computers between sessions, so we are busy mending fences with the Corvette Crew so as not to be extradited back to the US before the race.” Let’s hope they do!
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Le Mans Preview: 2007 Corvette Racing Team Photo

by Keith Cornett on June 13, 2007

Corvette Racing had their annual team photograph session on Monday. You can view more photos by wading through the official Le Mans photo gallery at

2007 Le Mans Corvette Racing Team Photo
Qualifying starts today and concludes on Thursday. The start of the 24 Hours of Le Mans is 9am EST and SPEEDtv will be providing 17 ½ hours beginning at 8:30 EST Saturday, June 16th.
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The Four-time Le Mans winner and co-pilot of the #64 Corvette C6.R discusses what its like to race at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Check out the “Skull & Cross Flags” logo on his jacket.

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‘Vette Dogs’ Corvette TV Show Makes Debut

by Keith Cornett on June 12, 2007

Our friends at have launched a new weekly internet-based TV show called ‘Vette Dogs’. The first episode features The Digital Corvettes team preparing for the Cannonball One Lap of America. The show is surprisingly high in production value with crisp video and some nice graphics and effects.

The show is a joint production with Next New Networks and offers varying points of distribution, including iTunes and as well as the ability to embed on blogs. Check out the Vette Dogs website with a blog and subscription buttons and stay up with the latest episodes and comments.
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With the 24 Hours of LeMans just a week away, we thought it would be cool to take a virtual lap around the historic 8 mile course in a C5-R Corvette.

Qualifying begins June 13th and the 24-hour race on June 16-17. The 24 Hours of Le Mans starts at 3 p.m. local time (9 a.m. EDT) on Saturday, June 16 and finishes at 3 p.m. (9 a.m. EDT) on Sunday, June 17. SPEED will televise 17.5 hours of coverage in North America starting at 8:30 a.m. EDT on June 16.
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Flickr Photo of the Day: 1959 Corvette

by Keith Cornett on June 5, 2007

From the Flickr Corvette Pool:

1959 Corvette
Photo Credit: Brindlecat
1959 Corvette Options and Facts 9,760 Corvette Convertibles were produced in 1959. Base Price was $3,875.00 5 different engine options available:
     283 ci 230 hp
     283 ci 245 hp (2×4 carburetors)
     283 ci 270 hp (2×4 carburetors)
     283 ci 250 hp (fuel injection)
     283 ci 290 hp (fuel injection) 7 Exterior Colors Available:
     Snowcrest White was most popular at 3,354 (34%)
     Classic Cream was the rarest at 223 (2%) The 1959 Corvette exterior was nearly identical to that of the 1958 Corvette except the simulated hood louvers and the chrome trunk spears were removed. The instruments were redesigned for better legibility. All 1959 tachometers read to 7,000 RPM in 1,000 RPM increments. The “T” shift handle with positive reverse lockout was introduced on all 1959 models with 4-speed manual transmissions. A storage bin was added under the passenger grab bar, and the grab bar was more heavily padded than it was in 1958. 1959 was the only year for an optional turquoise color soft top.
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Maybe All Corvettes Should Be Red

by Keith Cornett on May 30, 2007

There is a famous saying in Vettedom that goes “All Corvettes are Red”. After seeing this 1967 Corvette Convertible, I understand why. As my ’66 is black, I’ve never really took the statement to heart. But the statement isn’t about the actual color of the car, its about personality, like saying Blondes have more fun. A red corvette says “Here I am!” and screams “watch me go!”. A red Corvette tells the world that your ride is both fun, yet there is serious performance under the hood and all you need to do is stomp on the gas pedal to unleash it.

Little Red Corvette. Baby You're Much Too Fast!
Having said that, sometimes it is about the color. Red Corvettes tend to have a higher resale value and sell faster then most other colors. Even in the later models, Red Corvettes outsell their peers. In 2006, the two reds, Monterey and Victory, combined for nearly 1/3 of all Corvettes produced. Which brings us back to this gorgeous big block midyear. Offered for sale at $96,500 at
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New for 2008 Corvettes: Jetstream Blue Metallic

by Keith Cornett on May 29, 2007

2008 Corvette in Jetstream Blue MetallicWay back in January we learned that a new exterior color called Jetstream Blue Metallic would be replacing the popular Lemans Blue Metallic on the 2008 Corvette. Our friend and proud new papa Rick Conti has just got his hands on the first photo of Jetstream Blue Metallic painted on an entire car, not just the fender as we saw David Hill carrying around May’s C5/C6 Bash at the Museum. The new color, coded 85U is reminiscent of previous lighter shades of blue used on Corvettes like Nassau Blue, Marina Blue and Mulsanne Blue. Also debuting in this photo is the new QG7 High Polished Wheel. The wheels high polished shine makes a nice contrast against the Jetstream Blue exterior and should be even more striking on black and red Corvettes.
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Indianapolis 500: Corvette Pace Car Photoshoot

by Keith Cornett on May 22, 2007

Patrick Dempsey, star of TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and driver of this year’s Corvette Pace Car at the Indianapolis 500, spent some quality time with the Pace Car in preparation for the annual Memorial Day race.

Patrick Dempsey with the Indy 500 Corvette Pace Car Patrick Dempsey with the Indy 500 Corvette Pace Car Patrick Dempsey with the Indy 500 Corvette Pace Car
Patrick Dempsey with the Indy 500 Corvette Pace Car Patrick Dempsey with the Indy 500 Corvette Pace Car
Update: Click here for video of an interview with Patrick Dempsey about the Corvette Pace Car.
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Video: Twin-Turbo Corvette Z06 Hits 226 mph

by Keith Cornett on May 11, 2007

While there is nothing in this video that says this Corvette actually hit 226 mph, it sure looks like it. After multiple viewings, I still can’t decide what was better: Seeing the Velocity Yellow Z06 Corvette screaming down an airport runway at speeds in excess of 200 mph, or hearing the Lingenfelter Twin-Turbo screaming down an airport runway at speeds in excess of 200 mph. On fly-bys this modified yet street legal Corvette sounds like a jet. The video is a bit long at 4 minutes and shows a number of runs at various angles. At :50 seconds left, there is footage from inside the Corvette and you can watch the driver run through the gears. My one question: Is he only getting it into 5th gear?

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