[VIDEO] Speed Phenom Recaps His First Year of C8 Corvette Ownership


[VIDEO] Speed Phenom Recaps His First Year of C8 Corvette Ownership

One of the better YouTube channels that we’ve followed over the last two years is that run by a young automotive enthusiast named Austin who posts videos under the moniker “Speed Phenom.” Austin was an early adopter of the new mid-engine Corvette and has now owned the car for one year.

In his latest video, Speed Phenom recaps his one-year milestone with the Corvette during which he accumulated over 20,000 miles on the car. From traveling to Bowling Green, Kentucky where he took delivery of the car at the National Corvette Museum, and then the cross-country trip back home to California where he took full advantage of testing the car’s launch capabilities, to participating in multiple track days against some of the top sports cars, Austin has lived the Corvette Dream.

While many YouTubers turned immediately to the aftermarket to customize their cars, Speed Phenom kept his Torch Red Stingray nearly stock with the only changes being the upgraded tires and brake pads for better performance on the track. He calls the Corvette Stingray the most versatile mid-engine sports car on the market and the perfect one for those “next level driving adventures” that he has participated in.

As Austin is summarizing his ownership experiences with the Stingray, he shares some of his previous videos showing all that he has done with the car. It has truly been an epic year for the young Corvette owner!

But like all good things, his time with the C8 Corvette Stingray is now coming to an end but only because he has his sights set on the coming of the C8 Corvette Z06. He lists his contact details in the video so if you are looking for a pre-owned C8 and don’t mind the mileage or track history, this could be the one for you!

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  1. This kid drives the Corvette like it should be driven: as often as you can everyday and go to the tracks on the weekends.

  2. More Corvette owners should have the attitude that Austin has, and drive the Corvette as it was made for.

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