[VIDEO] Throwback Thursday: Sam Malone Selling His ’67 Corvette


[VIDEO] Throwback Thursday: Sam Malone Selling His '67 Corvette

A couple years ago there was an episode on the VINwiki Car Stories channel about “The Strange World of Used Corvette Sales” in which the presenter talked about how hard it was to buy a used Corvette. Now, without watching the clip you would think, how could that be when there are so many available? But it’s not the selection or availability that’s the issue. It’s dealing with the seller that ends up being the roadblock.

Corvette sellers are notorious for playing up the rarity of our cars. Despite nearly two million Corvettes produced since 1953, it seems like every Corvette offered is a unique 1 of 1, or it has been so unbelievably babied and cared for over the years that the thought of even driving it becomes taboo.

You get the gist…

Among the same vein of thought, someone on the Corvette Forum recently resurrected this video clip from the TV Sitcom “Cheers” in which the bar’s owner Sam Malone was selling his 1967 Corvette. The CF member said something to the effect that “Maybe we are the problem?

Check out this clip from Cheers where a prospective buyer comes to see the Corvette, and the trick question Sam uses to determine whether or not the buyer is worthy of owning his car.

If you have a good story about dealing with an “unreasonable” Corvette seller, let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. In 1969 a friend told me about ad in the local paper for a 62 Corvette for $600. He worked for the paper and told me “I’ll give you the phone number but you can’t call until after 1 pm because the paper doesn’t come out until the afternoon. I agreed but my anxiousness changed that agreement.
    At 8 am I called and a women answered saying it was her sons but he doesn’t get up till later he works nights. She wanted to know how I got the number since the ad wasn’t published yet? I convinced her to give me the address and said I’d come later in the day. I then got on my Harley, stopping at the bank before heading for the address in Clifton. The women answered the door and told me to go away it was too early to wake her son but she finally agreed to let me see the car which was garaged. I then had to convince to take my $600 and I would come back later. She knew I was lying and finally agreed to wake her son. I waited in the driveway hoping I could buy this Corvette for $600. An hour later she reappeared with the signed bill of sale in her hands but no son. She gave me the keys and I started up for the first time. It had no mufflers but started right up and sounded Healthy.
    Her son wasn’t getting up so I chained my Harley to her fence backed the car out and kept my fingers crossed. Would I make it home? Would my bike be there when I came back? Only one way to find out. No mufflers, no plates but I drove it straight to the gas station I worked at night. As I suspected the station owner being a Corvette guy offered me $2100 as is.
    I declined that offer and drove that 62 365 days a year until an old women blew threw a stop sign and totaled my Once in a life time dream to own a Corvette. Best car I ever owned and I’ve owned three Corvettes since.


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