[POLL] Which Version of the 2023 Corvette Z06 Are You Ordering?


[POLL] Which Version of the 2023 Corvette Z06 Are You Ordering?

Photo Credit: Peter Chilelli

When the 2023 Corvette Z06 is revealed on October 26th, we are expecting to see two different versions of the car – a base model and a track-focused version that we are calling the Z07 based on previous Z06 models. While the base and Z07 will share the same 5.5L flat-plane crank V8 engine, we expect the cars to be set up very differently for those who “want it all” with the Z06/Z07 version.

[POLL] Which Version of the 2023 Corvette Z06 Are You Ordering?

The spy photos and on-track videos from the Nurburgring shows us the base Z06 has smaller brakes and a low-profile spoiler while the Z07 will have a more aggressive front splitter and rear high wing, large carbon ceramic brakes, a beefed-up suspension and Michelin’s Cup 2 or Cup R racing tires. We also expect both versions of the Z06 to be offered as both a Coupe and a Convertible which will also make for some interesting combinations.

[POLL] Which Version of the 2023 Corvette Z06 Are You Ordering?

So our question of the day is those who are planning to order a 2023 Corvette Z06 and we wonder if you have already decided which level of performance you will be going with? Will it be the entry-level Z06 which is sure to be a hell of a sports car in its own right, or will you be going all out and ordering the car with the maximum level of performance? Take our poll and let your voice be heard!

Which Version of the 2023 Corvette Z06 Are You Ordering?

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  1. None of the above. Mostly because it doesn’t resemble a Corvette. The C8 is nice looking, unfortunately it no longer has any design elements from the past which was important to it’s heritage. I’m sure the C8 Z06 & Z07 will perform incredibly well. I just wished it looked and sounded more like a Corvette, and less like the competition it’s attempting to imitate.

  2. agreeing ain’t no fun……so , how does a Corvette sound ? would you prefer the sound of the 50s with a inline 6 …. or the 265 cu in V8 , well then the 283,327,350,427,396….ect That 2019 ZR1 sure sounds different from all other ‘vettes…… Now ,, Looks ??? i wood like a ’63 with some chop mods sitting on a C8 chassis & running gear , or sitting on a Caddie frame & gear. Heck no , i don’t want it to drive like it was new in 63 , I want it to drive like it is new in 22….. but , i like the C8s looks & there are plenty of others that must like it , also…….thus …’the list’ !!!

  3. Bill Ganas, the C8 is as hated as it is popular! And the C2 is one of the most iconic automobiles ever made! The same thing cannot be said about the C8. With all its technology and computerization it will won’t even be around in the future. I will take an older generation Corvette that can be worked on and restored and has been driven for decades opposed to a trend that won’t stand the test of time. The C8 isn’t a Corvette anymore, it’s a wannabe that pretends to be something that it isn’t. And no C8 will ever sound as unique as a gen 2 Corvette with a big block and side exhausts and a four speed!

  4. Having owned a C6 Z06, I found it to be ‘crazy fast’ with just 505 HP! You’ve got to want a track car for 600+ HP.

  5. The price will make my decision for me, I bought my first one new in 79 for $8500.00. This one is going to be well over $100,000 grand.

  6. The Corvette by history is an evolutionary automobile .if you can’t except that you are in the wrong sandbox. Thank god for Zora & all his Corvette engineers and drivers that have followed that model. Keep pushing.

  7. Bill Ganas, the C2 is one of the most iconic automobiles ever made! There is nothing like a Stingray from that era with a big block, side pipes, and a 4 speed! The car has gotten even better with age and has grown in value substantially. The C8 is a wannabe and a trend that will eventually die out when it goes fully electric. People have been driving C2’s since the early 60’s and many are still on the road today. The C8 with it’s overly complicated technology and computerization won’t even be around in the future. And unless they eliminate fossil fuels completely, those older Corvettes will still be on the road for decades due to simplicity of design and ease of maintenance. Nothing compares to a classic!

  8. Louis Forte, the Corvette evolved into a wannabe and nothing more! It no longer looks like a Corvette, sounds like a Corvette, and has lost all it’s heritage. And why? To appeal to trendy buyers who will abandon that automobile once it loses popularity. The C8 killed what a Corvette truly was, an affordable sports car that was as American as it gets!

  9. What is GM after, here? I always liked the Corvette but never bought one. I tested them even, but just couldn’t make up my mind. I retired and thought I was too old to like any new car offerings by any mfg. The the C8 hit the automotive world squarely in the face. I’ve been enjoying my C8 since April of 2020 when I was blessed with paying too much. I’m so happy that I have one, every time I take it out on the road. I don’t dispute what people are saying here. Just asking what is GM’s aim here.

  10. @ everybody…
    The C8 Z06 has a lower top speed than it’s older Target rival: 458 italia special. The latter has pure fluid body styling from bumper to bumper, lowering its drag coeficient (Hint: trunk space delete) I want the Z07 package for acceleration, cornering agility and heavy braking. The package partially compensates for the weight penalty over the italia. The C8 Z07’s main sales goal is to lower the demographic age of New Buyers which previous generations of corvettes could not. Why? Boomers are dying off. Simple as that.

    Do you want a high performance V8 cross plane sound in your C8?, you should go to an engine builder that offers A high compression bored 427 LT2 N/A with a 7K RPM redline…

  11. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it! There will be naysayers no matter what GM (or others) did.

    G. Allan

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