[VIDEO] Rich Rebuilds Pulls the V8 to Make Room for EV Power in their C4 Corvette


[VIDEO] Rich Rebuilds Pulls the V8 to Make Room for EV Power in their C4 Corvette

Rich Rebuilds is back with the second episode of their new project which will see a 1993 40th Anniversary Corvette converted to an EV. The first episode was all about sourcing the car for the project, as well as the things that can wrong when a seller claims “Sure, you can drive it home…no problem!”

Now that they have the C4 Corvette is back in their shop, the Rich Rebuilds gang puts the car on a lift and goes to work with removing various parts that will no longer be needed in a battery electric vehicle (BEV). The exhaust system was the first to go and then fluids were drained.

In the middle of the Corvette’s demolition, we also get a life lesson so pay attention…”There is no such thing as a free cat.

Back to the car, the team turns its attention to the engine removal but then they are quickly sidetracked with the arrival of a new Sony stereo system which must be tested asap. Eventually, they get back to pulling the engine and we finally see the 350/300 Chevy small block hanging from an engine joist to wrap up the episode.

We know many of you think a project like this is boarding on blasphemy, and maybe that’s true. But with the number of Corvettes out there that will never be restored at least this one will hopefully have a happy ending. And speaking of blasphemy, did you see the Rich Rebuilds episode where they stuffed a V8 engine in a Tesla? Apparently, they are equal-opportunity offenders!

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