C4 Corvette Mashup Creation Adds Storage Capabilities and More


C4 Corvette Mashup Creation Adds Storage Capabilities and More

Photo Credit: Reddit

The response has not been kind to this Frankenstein creation that features the “head” of a C4 Corvette and the “tail” of what looks like Top Gear’s Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust creation.

Some of the comments posted on Reddit in reference to the amalgamated vehicle include:

  • Half Corvette Half Shoe Box. I used to see it around town (Florence, SC) some.
  • Looks a bit like Geoff, just without the bare aluminum
  • Hummvette or Cumvee
  • Damn that’s a lot of money and work for a turd.
  • The new GM H4
  • It’s a mail delivery truck with better performance.
  • Is that the new Volvo?
  • When you need a bigger backseat.

Details are sketchy about the new vehicle are scarce, but it’s apparently been spotted in the Florence, South Carolina area.

We don’t know exactly how this mish-mash of a vehicle came to be, but the best guess would be that a C4 Corvette suffered some sort of rear end collision, and what you see here is all that was left usable: the front clip of a bright red C4, along with its original wheels. It’s still a mystery whether the Corvette’s LT1 engine resides under the clamshell hood.

By looking at the photo, we are able to ascertain that the rear section, painted matte black, basically looks like a big rectangle, with a vertical windshield and rear window and a flat roof. No peek at the interior is available, so we’re in the dark whether the innards of the C4 were also re-used.

The Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust is the second electric car created in 2010 by Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond for the Electric Car Challenge.


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