[VIDEO] Watch as Jordan Taylor Crashes his Corvette C8.R into the Rear of a McLaren at 108 MPH


[VIDEO] Watch as Jordan Taylor Crashes his Corvette C8.R into the Rear of a McLaren at 108 MPH

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like sitting behind the steering wheel of a race car when it crashes full-speed into another stationary car on the track, take a look at this video.

About halfway through last Sunday’s running of the 10-hour Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta, Corvette Racing’s Jordan Taylor had the misfortune of cresting a hill at full throttle when all of a sudden, the Porsche he was racing against veered left, instantly revealing three cars stopped in front of him after an earlier crash.

The video captures the hard impact of Taylor’s C8.R, but miraculously he wasn’t seriously injured. Fortunately, while he had almost no time to react, he did manage to brake slightly, still going over 100 mph, and also had the foresight to take his hands off the steering wheel because crashes can sometimes twist the wheel in multiple directions, in the process breaking the driver’s wrists.

While getting his message across succinctly, Taylor was a lot nicer after the horrific crash than many drivers would have been, telling NBCSN during an interview:

“To be honest, the racing out there was a nightmare. Some of it was just unbelievable how slow and clueless some guys were. The quality of the field today wasn’t great. I think we need to do some better work of how we allow some drivers to get in these high-profile races.

“I don’t know what happened on the restart. I came over the hill flat in fifth gear, because everyone was flat-out, and then as soon as I came over the crest, the Porsche I was battling with went left, and as it opened up I saw three cars that were basically stopped in front of me.

“It’s unfortunate. Hopefully we can work on that and clean it up in the future.”

While the NBC broadcast missed the crash as it happened, a fan captured it and uploaded the video to YouTube:

About 40 rookie drivers were in the field for the Petit Le Mans, which was the IMSA series’ season finale and decided the champions in three of the five classes.

Despite the race-ending accident, Jordan and co-driver Antonio Garcia won the 2021 GTLM Driver’s Championship.

Jordan Taylor and Antonio Garcia win the 2021 GTLM Driver's Championship


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