WaxID – Skin Care for Your Corvette


WaxID – Skin Care for Your Corvette

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Last month we introduced our readers to Zymöl’s waxID™ custom care for Corvettes. The waxID service allows you to customize Zymöl’s naturally derived ingredients in a formula based on your Corvette’s unique needs. To create your custom wax, Zymöl asks a series of questions about your car that includes the info and history of your exterior paint, your driving habits, and the environment you live in to create a single-custom-formulary wax mixed specially for your vehicle. Your Corvette is different…shouldn’t your wax be?

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In this sponsored message, Zymöl founder and CEO Chuck Bennett takes us back to the creation of the unique wax and the inspiration of how it was derived from natural ingredients.

Naturally Derived Ingredients
By Chuck Bennett, Founder & CEO Zymöl

Naturally Derived Ingredients

Zymöl really started with Roots (Arthur Haley’s famous book that was made into a mini-series).

That’s what made me decide to see where my German great-grandmother came from. She was a Rothschild. The one that was disowned for marrying a Dane. So we went to Germany and visited her birthplace. It was one of those villages noted for lots of wonderful wine. That’s where I saw the carriages.

There were a lot of horse-drawn carriages there, they were wooden but they looked like metal. They put clay over the wood, let it dry, sanded it, and painted it with enamel. I saw craftsmen repairing chips. They used something with a horrible smell. Pork and beef fat, fermented lard, suet, and sap extracted from the evergreen trees that are native to Germany. I decided it might be a good idea without the lard and I brought some back.

I began by replacing the specific oils and gravity of the tallow with highly saturated plant oils such as Coconut, Banana, and Cinnamon Bark. Carnauba replaced heavy thick lard. The evergreen oil was retained. Then the concoction was spun at super high speed to make it as thin as DMSO.

I liked what we had but it was missing something, it didn’t have the live culture of fermented fats. There were no enzymes. It needed a re-agent. I finally settled on plant sugars and propolis – what bees use to convert plant oils into wax. Zymöl is an enzymatic emollient like you find in beer or yogurt or sourdough bread base. That’s where the first half of the Zymöl came from. It’s also one of the things that make Zymöl different. Oxygen is the catalyst that makes enzymes work. So Zymöl is not really a wax until it’s applied. The last half of the name came from the German word for oil – complete with the umlaut.

Now specific Zymöl wax formulations are available on a custom order basis. We have developed 1:1 waxes for custom paints by researching the paint’s formulation, the car’s current and previous ownership and care, analysis of paint thickness, degree of abrasion, and so on. In the case of new paint applications, we can obtain a sample of the paint that has been factory applied. Cars are exposed to the elements but we don’t want them exposed to neglect. Many commercial or run-of-the-mill products are unsuitable for them. Our one-to-one product, waxID is formulated to meet the needs of a specific car and its owner.

Zymöl waxID™

Zymöl’s waxID™ is offered exclusively through Amazon and CorvetteBlogger readers can save $50 off the regular price of $149.00. Click here to Start Your Custom Wax!




  1. I use their spray detailer upon arrival at various car shows and cruise ins to freshen up my car. Good stuff.

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