[PODCAST] The Latest Corvette News and Headlines with CorvetteBlogger on the Corvette Today Podcast


[PODCAST] The Latest Corvette News and Headlines with CorvetteBlogger on the Corvette Today Podcast

Photo Credit: Keith Cornett

Over the last two weeks we’ve had a number of important Corvette news stories we’ve covered here on CorvetteBlogger ranging from current Corvette production to future Corvette products that include the 2023 Z06 and the E-Ray. This week, we are joining Steve Garrett on the CORVETTE TODAY Podcast to discuss them all and break them down a bit further.

Things are starting to heat up about the new C8 Z06! And CORVETTE TODAY covers it all in this News & Headlines episode. Here are some of the topics you’ll hear about …

  1. Final stats for the 2021 model year C8 Corvette
  2. Nearly half of the C8.R IMSA Edition C8’s are already sold
  3. 2022 C8 Configurator is now live
  4. The C8 was the 2nd fastest-selling new car in August 2021
  5. Consumer Reports declines to recommend the 2021 C8 Corvette
  6. 2021 C8 tops its class in the JD Power APEAL Study
  7. A Nurburgring video captures 2023 C8 Z06 with unofficial track time
  8. We have video evidence that the C8 Z06 will also come in an HTC
  9. Did we see the reveal colors on the last teaser video for the C8 Z06?
  10. Another Easter Egg discovery on the C8 Z06 “Save the Date” video
  11. Spy photos of the C8 E-ray confirm it’s a performance hybrid
  12. New Zealand about to get their right-hand drive C8 Corvettes
  13. The C8 Z06 might break 3 production V8 records
  14. Chevrolet has officially quit making the LT5 engine with 755 hp

This is a long list of topics, and it’s not everything that’s covered in this episode of the CORVETTE TODAY podcast.

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