Convertibles Account for 42 Percent of 2021 Corvette Production


Convertibles Account for 42 Percent of 2021 Corvette Production

Photo Credit: Keith Cornett

As a fan of the C8 hardtop convertibles, we aren’t surprised to hear how many Corvette buyers are opting for C8 Corvette models with the retractable hardtops vs the coupe model. After all, the convertible offers exotic car looks and no sacrifices for the storage of the roof. With the ability to lower the top in 16 seconds, you are always ready to experience topdown driving wherever your travels take you.

Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles was at the National Corvette Museum’s 27th Anniversary Celebration last week and part of his seminar was the discussion of the 2021 model year statistics. Chevrolet says they are building a total of 26,216 Corvettes for the 2021 model year which should wrap up later this week.

According to the final 2021 Corvette model year statistics, 42% of Corvette buyers chose the convertible model vs 58% who opted for the Coupe which allows you to see the LT2 under its rear glass. In terms of raw numbers, that’s approximately 11,010 convertibles vs 15,206 coupes.

Harlan said he wasn’t really surprised by the success of the hardtop convertible C8 Corvette, and he believes that we could actually see that number growing even higher in the future.

The Convertible model adds an additional $7,500 to the price of the car, and the 2021 Corvette stats revealed that convertible buyers are more likely to spring for the 3LT trim package by 52% vs 40% who choose the 2LT package and 8% who selected the base model. By contrast, the majority of buyers for the Coupe outfitted their cars with the 2LT package by 47% vs 33% for the 3LT and 20% who selected the base 1LT model.

Convertibles Account for 42 Percent of 2021 Corvette Production

Buyers can also choose how to customize the convertible models. The Carbon Flash Roof/Nacelles option (D84) represents 35% of all Convertibles while the Carbon Flash Nacelles-only option (D86) accounts for just 9% of orders. That leaves a majority of 2021 Convertibles (56%) being ordered in body color without the enhancements.

Corvette has seen a resurgent in convertible sales with the introduction of the hardtop convertible model as sales numbers haven’t been this good since 1969 when 43% of buyers choose the 1969 Stingray Convertible.

We know several owners with a 2020 or 2021 Corvette Stingray Coupe who have told us that their next Corvette will be the Convertible model. Is there a convertible model in your future? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. I would have purchased the HTC but the inability to see the engine made my
    decision automatic.

  2. Not a surprise because it’s an enjoyable driving experience with a convertible. But as Mark mentioned you can’t see the engine compartment so that’s a bit disappointing.

  3. I took delivery of my red mist natural dipped HTC last week from Mike Furman. I am not looking back this car is incredible. Love the HTC.

  4. I love the HTC. In fact, I was unwilling to purchase a C8 because of the lack of a MT option (that’s my favorite feature on my C7). But the HTC could be as much fun as having a MT, if I don’t wear it out from overuse…I’ll want to demo it to everyone, and open/close it constantly! Hahaha.

  5. I was fortunate to get a 2020 Coupe. I was so anxious to get my order in that I didn’t even consider the convertible and didn’t realize it was a HTC. I enjoyed my coupe for about 4 months, then sold it and made several coins. I then ordered a 2021 HTC exactly the same as my Coupe – Accelerate Yellow with Adrenaline Red interior. I got it May 1 and have Totally enjoyed it! The HTC is Amazing!!! Talk about lucky- I got 2 in 2 years! 😎

  6. HTC 2020 Ceramic Matrix Gray. 10/30/2020 delivery. Roof (that is never seen) and nycelles body color. Pretty rare combo. The only reason to sell would be a ZO6 HTC. So yes, there will always be a HTC in my future.

  7. I took delivery of a Red Mist, 3LT, body color HTC with Jet Black red thread C8 on 8/16/21 from Ciocca and I love this car. I drove my C6 convertible year round and the top down 85% of my driving. I have no lost feelings not being able to see the engine…I know it is there!

  8. How often will you be able to look at the engine compartment versus having the top down!

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