Chevrolet Announces a Final Total of 26,216 Corvettes to be Produced for the 2021 Model Year


Chevrolet Announces Final Total of 26,216 Corvettes Produced for the 2021 Model Year

Photo Credit: Keith Cornett

Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles was at the National Corvette Museum’s 27th Anniversary Celebration this week and on Friday afternoon he hosted a seminar to go through the latest news about America’s Favorite Sports Car.

As the 2021 model year is coming to an end the week of September 6th, Chevrolet already knows the final statistics for the C8 Corvette’s sophomore year and we have some of the information we can share.

According to Harlan, the final count for the 2021 model year is 26,216 Corvettes. That’s an increase of 28.7% from the 2020 model year which saw significant downtime due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of Thursday, the plant has completed 25,782 Corvettes which leaves just 434 Corvettes remaining to be produced for the 2021 model year. As the Bowling Green Assembly Plant has been averaging around 175 per day, we are most likely looking at the start of the 2022 model year on Wednesday, September 8th. (September 6th is labor day and the plant will be closed in observance of that holiday.)

We don’t believe there will be any time for celebration for reaching that milestone as workers at the assembly plant will immediately start on the 2022 models after the final 2021 model year passes by.

The assembly plant is still dealing with some limited supply issues but the good news is they have just completed 13 weeks of uninterrupted production. We also learned that the six weeks of downtime during the 2021 model year was all due to supply issues and not because of a sick workforce.

Next week, the Corvette Assembly Plant is one of just four GM production facilities in the United States that won’t be temporarily closed due to the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage.


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  1. It would be nice to see those numbers higher, the C8 is a massive hit! unfortunately too many challenges and poor decision making by GM has kept those numbers lower.

  2. How many were produced in 2020 and how do both years compare to estimates? Curious minds !! Let’s go.

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