[STOLEN] Man in a C8 Corvette Drives Away from Dealership in Brazen Theft Attempt


[STOLEN] C8 Corvette Drives Away from Dealership in Brazen Theft Attempt

We know Corvette enthusiasts have been waiting in line for more than a year in some cases to get their new mid-engine Stingray.

Maybe the guy seen in this screenshot at a Virginia-based Chevy dealership decided he just couldn’t wait any longer and decided to drive off right in front of a flabbergasted member of the sales staff.

We wonder why a customer would be so brazenly stupid to even try such a stunt in the first place. Doesn’t he realize – or even care – that OnStar has the ability to shut down the vehicle remotely? He had absolutely zero chance of pulling off this theft.

Indeed, according to media reports, the dealership was able to get its Red Mist Metallic Stingray Coupe back after the thief had managed to drive just a block away.

Someone happened to be videoing the car from inside the dealership and captured the incident for viewers on Facebook’s C8 Corvette Owners and Friends page. A former employee of the dealership believes the salesman was going to sit in the passenger seat and explain the interior, not go for a drive, though we’re wondering why the salesman wasn’t in the car already. Wanna bet the protocols for test drives and such have already changed at this dealership?

Sure, we like the new Corvette – who doesn’t? – but we wouldn’t be willing to spend some time in jail just for the thrill of driving it for a few minutes. Buddy, just wait your turn like thousands of other people have over the past couple of years, and you’ll have a new Stingray in your driveway soon enough.

C8 Corvette Owners (and Friends) / Facebook

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  1. The sales staff doesn’t usually go for test drives these days, they also don’t always demonstrate the features as well. Many people research the car they are buying and go for a test drive solo. Unfortunately that has caused certain individuals to take advantage of that situation, or at least attempt to.

  2. By the time the courts get through with him, he will have paid enough to buy a C8, between the lawyers, the court fines & costs & traffic fines AND he STILL won’t have a C8……..lol

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