[VIDEO] 2021 Corvettes Awaiting R8C Delivery at the National Corvette Museum


[VIDEO] 2021 Corvettes Awaiting R8C Delivery at the National Corvette Museum

The National Corvette Museum’s R8C Museum Delivery Program is a very popular option that allows new Corvette buyers to take delivery of their new Corvettes through the NCM. We’ve covered some of the perks previously and anyone who has ever done it will usually tell you that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The program’s popularity combined with the NCM’s ability to run about 55 R8C deliveries per week means that there is usually a slight delay between when the NCM receives a customer’s car from the Corvette Assembly Plant and the time the customer is scheduled to take delivery. So the NCM has been storing the Corvettes waiting for the R8C behind some of the garages at the NCM Motorsports Park.

We’ve shared a couple walkthroughs of these cars previously, and since we were there on Saturday for the NCM Anniversary show, we decided to offer up our own walkthrough.

Some of the favorites that we picked out included a Red Mist with the Blue interior which is a bold choice in color choices but we think it works. There was a Rapid Blue Stingray with the Orange racing stripes running the length of the car. This was one of the combinations highlighted by the Corvette team when they released the orange stripes at the beginning of Model Year 2021 and it does give the car a bit of a Gulf Oil racing livery feeling. There was an Arctic White Convertible with the Black roof and nacelles with red racing stripes that we point out as well as several Black cars and several other Arctic Whites with body-color trim.

The best thing about a walkthrough like this is that you get to see so many different color combinations so if you are still on the fence about what color your C8 Corvette is going to be, check out the video below and see if that helps in the decision-making process.

Did you have a favorite 2021 Corvette in this walkthrough? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I am picking up my car next Friday 9.10.21 at NCM. Got to see it today for the first time — mine is the Gulf Oil Livery Throwback — Rapid Blue with Orange Stripes at the 2:25 mark on the video …. waiting for NCM to install the High Wing Spoiler, Ground Effects and Splash Guards. Can’t Wait!

  2. Nice walkaround. I currently have a JSB C6 Grand Sport. I really like the Elkhart Blue with chrome or silver wheels. I think the black wheels just dull down the look of the car. Would someone please explain to me what a ‘dipped’ interior is and the difference with the standard 3lt interior is – Thanks!

  3. A couple of comments from the old man: The stripes should not partially intersect with the emblems, another couple of inches between them would fix it. Notice the popularity of black rims seems to be fading. Blue w/red interior would NOT work for me, surprised there were two with that color combo. Doubt I would be willing to wait an extra 2-3 weeks for my car to get an R8C delivery date, but sure it would be a cool experience. Love the look of my C6 Z06 over anything built since. Zoom Zoom.

  4. THX, Keith!
    I thought this would help me decide my C8 color combo, but it just raised my confusion.

  5. That Red Mist is awesome though. It’s close to the Crystal Red Met on my 2011 GS 3LT.

  6. Great walkthru, just made it more difficult to choose :). If I keep my 2016 C7 Torch Red coupe, I think I’m going for the all white convertible with Natural dipped interior. But if I sell it or trade it in, gotta be all Torch Red vert with Natural dipped interior. Thanks for the walkaround, great idea!

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