[ACCIDENT] Vette Kart Crashes Over the Fence at the Drag Strip, Drives Away


[ACCIDENT] Vette Kart Crashes Over the Fence at the Drag Strip, Drives Away

It was Hot Rod Magazine’s infamous C4 lighweighting episode which introduced us to the concept of the Vette Kart and the world hasn’t been the same since. These stripped-down Corvettes are a great way to give a second life to a car that’s been crashed, and some like YouTuber Cleetus McFarland and his Kart “Leroy the Savage” have used the lower weight and big engines for a massive power to weight ratio on the drag strip.

It’s a Vette Kart at the drag strip that brings us here. This C5-based Vette Kart decided to go off-roading halfway down the drag strip. The crash feels like it happens almost in slow motion as the car breaks traction and slowly spins towards the wall. Just when you think he’s coming to a stop, the rear end jumps over the fence and leaving the car suspended on the fence.

We’re not sure how they removed it as the recording stopped, but the next scene shows the car being driven over the hill in the grass next to the track. A rider is standing on the back attempting to provide more traction for the rear wheels. The good news is the driver is okay and will live long enough to defy death in his Vette Kart on another day.

TheSSROB / YouTube

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