[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Gets Upgraded with the Widest Wheels Available


[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Gets Upgraded with the Widest Wheels Available

A few months back we were talking with our friends at AEROLARRI about wheels when we heard that it was possible to replace the C8 Corvette Stingray’s stock 305 Michelins with those sized at 345 – the same size that is expected on the C8 Corvette Z06 when it arrives next year.

Now we have a video from InShane Designs mounting a set of 345s on a mid-engine Stingray for YouTuber StreetSpeed 717.

We learn in the opening of the video that the Stingray was lowered .7 inches in the rears on the factory coil overs and he is going with 20-inch set-up on both the front and rears. But before the tires are mounted, Shane does a bit more customizing to the Corvette by updating the brake calipers with a fluorescent yellow Corvette Z51 logo that matches the “highlighter” trim on the side rocker panels and rear spoiler.

I’d never seen the use of vinyl wrapping on the front of the brake calipers before and didn’t know that was “a thing.” But Shane makes it look easy as he shaves and adjusts the wrap around the front of the caliper using an Exacto-blade and a torch.

[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Gets Upgraded with the Widest Wheels Available

Now it’s time for the tires and Shane explains to the camera that the stock tires on the front of the Corvette are 8.5 inches wide and they will be upgraded to a 20-inch wheel that is 10.5 inches wide, while the rear 20-inch stock rear tires will be switched out to Michelin’s 345-sized wheels mounted to rims that are 20 x 13.5 inches.

The wheels themselves are the SK13 three-piece forged wheels from Sköl. They feature a textured face with a black chrome lip and from what we can gather, pricing starts around $1,400 per wheel.

[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Gets Upgraded with the Widest Wheels Available

Once the wheels are mounted to the lowered C8 Corvette Stingray, the tires totally fill the wheel wells, but don’t stick out further beyond the fenders as you would expect.

We are then treated to some action shots as the wrapped and lowered C8 Corvette is driven on the highway. It’s a great-looking Corvette and we highly approve of the customization.

So what are your thoughts on this super-sized wheel install? Let us know in the comment section below!

InShane Designs / YouTube

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  1. GM Tire and wheel Engineers are much smarter than we are on which sizes are the optimal and best for the application.
    And then they calibrate that all into the computer controls for traction and stability management.
    My 2019 Grand Sport is 100% STOCK and going to stay that way!

  2. For the street, a lowered Vette seems just silly. And, isn’t there an issue with the larger rotating mass of larger wheels? “Wow! That Vette looks great but runs half a second slower in the quarter”.

  3. StreetSpeed is one of the most insufferable douche-bros of the car tube world. I wish folks would just quit paying attention to anything involving him.

  4. Matt Kase – Spot on!
    His very first video was very humble and an enjoyment to watch.
    Currently, his foul mouth and narcissistic attitude made me sick.
    He has to be one of the biggest prick and scumbag on the internet, more specifically YouTube.
    I wish he’d crawl into a hole and disappear!!!

  5. If you’re suggesting that I might hate people with egomaniacal personalities and who portray themselves as raging a$$holes, I’d say “BINGO”!

  6. I’d go with carbon fiber wheels ( if available ) keeping the size of the tires stock. It’s all about unsprung weight. With CF wheels it would be more of a track beast than it already is. Just sayin’.

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