2021 Corvette Buyers Are Still Having Issues Getting Dealers to Honor the $1,000 Price Protection


2021 Corvette Buyers Are Still Having Issues Getting Dealers to Honor the $1,000 Price Protection

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I’ve had a couple of 2021 Corvette buyers reach out to us over the last few weeks inquiring about the 2021 Corvette’s promised $1,000 price protection for those customers who were on the order books for the 2021 model prior to March 2nd when the price increase was announced. At that time, Chevy said those customers would not be impacted by the price increase. Essentially, the theme we continue to hear today is that dealers are “unaware” of the 2021 price protection despite this being well-publicized news when it was first announced.

In both cases, I gave some “ammo” to these customers who were able to go back to their dealers and remind them about the price protection program. Also in both cases, the customers had the price protection honored. Here is one of the emails I received from “BF” who writes:

I wanted to ask if you have the original GM source for price protection for 2021s at 1100. My sales order was put in last year at this time and my dealer – and GM’s District Sales Manager – claim there is no price protection on Corvette. I need to reach out to the District Sales Manager and clear this up, and some “ammunition” would help!

The way that the price protection was supposed to be honored is that Chevy reimburses the dealer for the $1,000 price increase as the dealer invoice and final paperwork has the price increase included. We wrote a previous article about the confusion in how the price protection was supposed to be honored back in March, and I recommended that they provide it to the dealer:

ARTICLE: Corvette Buyer’s First-Hand Account Shows Some Confusion in Honoring the 2021 Price Protection.

I also recommended getting the Corvette Concierge involved as they also have the complete history of the order. As they are an official customer service program for Corvette, they should also be able to provide documentation regarding 2021’s price protection. The Corvette Concierge can be reached in the USA between 9am and 9pm Monday through Friday by calling 1-866-424-3892.

Finally, the original source for the Price Protection plan was this statement issued by Chevrolet’s PR department which stated the following when the $1,000 price increase was announced on February 26th. The link to that original article is also below:

The MSRP of the 2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray coupe and convertible at all trim levels will increase by $1,000 beginning March 1. Customers who have event code 1100 sold orders and beyond by March 2 will not be impacted by the price increase on the 2021 Corvette Stingray. We monitor and adjust pricing on all our products regularly, and we’re confident the Corvette remains a winning formula of performance and attainability.

Article: General Motors to Raise the Price on the 2021 Corvette by $1,000 Starting Monday.

In most of these cases, we believe that the dealers have simply forgotten about the price protection offer. So hopefully, this “gentle reminder” will help them recall the details and get you the price protection that you were originally promised.

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  1. Dealers and especially the salespeople can get real stupid when it comes to a credit owed to the customer. The only thing lower than a car salesman is probably a realtor and of course a lawyer. I’ve found what gets everyone’s attention is to threaten to file a complaint with the FTC.

  2. Yep they never heard of the 3000.00 credit if you own a corvette already when I bought my 2019. I refreshed them in a hurry!

  3. Ronny: I take exception to your comment that “realtors are lower than car salesmen”. Having been a realtor for over 30 years, I have always made my clients needs second to none. I have plenty of kudos from past clients regarding my honesty and loyalty. Sorry to say but it seems to me that you have your head up your ass. By the way, I love my 2020 C8!

  4. Looking forward when there are tons of these roaches sitting on the lot with big discounts then we got em !

  5. On the topic of C8 buyers being ripped off by dealers:

    Has there been any “class action” regarding us buyers who paid $995 for the National Corvette Museum delivery also being forced to pay a “destination” charge of $1,095?

    Neither my dealer nor GM would give a logical explanation for this seemingly double charging on a vehicle that was driven 2 miles down the road to the NCM and rather than delivered to my dealer 1,963 miles across the country.

  6. I am dealing with this issue right now. I was at 1100 on the March 1st. I reached out at that time and was assured I would be protect. I finalized my order early April and added sport exhaust and magnetic ride control. I should be able to pick up car next week and asked about the price protection and they said since I made changes to my order I lost the price protection. It was never mentioned at time of final order. I assume they are just wanting to pocket the additional $1k.

  7. I am picking up mine next week and my dealer assured me I was protected but now says that in April when I finalized my order and added a option I lost my protection. I think they just want to pocket an extra $1k.

  8. Hey Andrew, doubt you have ever guided a client in such a way that you made less but it was better for the client. If you didn’t always look out for #1, then you are a fool. I’m 75 and met many realtors, car salesmen and a few lawyers and they are all ‘bottom feeders” that would throw you under the bus if they could make an extra buck. For what it’s worth, I have a C3 and a C6 and wouldn’t have a C8 if you gave it to me, looks like they came out of a “Hot Wheels” box.

  9. Dealers who whine about not making much money on car SALES (occupying what most often are the nicest looking complexes in most cities) are always prone to adding: “ we make most of our money on our SERVICE side of the business”.

    So I would recommend playing the “service card” when getting stiffed another $1,000 by a greedy dealer. If you are lucky enough to have an alternate Chevy dealer in your area, simply state right up front that THEY will be meeting all your future service and parts needs if that extra $1,000 means that much to the seller.

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