On the Campaign Trail with a 1972 Corvette: Trail’s End? (Part 10)


On the Campaign Trail with a 1972 Corvette: Trail's End? (Part 10)

Photo Credit: Steve Burns

It’s time again for another installment of On the Campaign Trail where you get to follow my adventures with my 1972 Corvette. Catch up on previous installments at the links below.

Today’s episode is slightly different than previous ones, though. This time I’m not off to a show or prepping for more judging. My 1972 Corvette convertible recently went live on the Bring a Trailer auction site.

On the Campaign Trail with a 1972 Corvette: Trail's End? (Part 10)

After a whirlwind (almost) 4 years combined with sitting at home for the last year and a half I’ve started considering that it may be time for a new Corvette adventure for me. Prior to purchasing my old blue car, I was hunting for a LT-1 convertible and I’m starting to get that familiar LT-1 itch again. As much as I’d like to keep this car and just acquire another one, the old bank account humbly disagrees with that methodology. So that means one must go before another one arrives. When you’ve got Corvette ADD like I do, difficult decisions must follow. Most of us have been here before as well.

On the Campaign Trail with a 1972 Corvette: Trail's End? (Part 10)

So, IF the old blue car sells on BaT, I’ll begin the hunt for my next one. Sometimes the hunt can be even more fun than owning the actual car. In addition to a LT-1 or early C3, I’d love to find a nice B2K Callaway Aerobody, or maybe a nice small block C2. I’ve even been looking at 4-seat cars so I can cruise together with Mrs. Detroit Bureau and our 2 unpaid interns. Jumping in line for a C8 is on the potential list too. As you can see, my interests are all over the map right now.

The auction ends next Tuesday afternoon and if it doesn’t sell, that’s fine too. I’ve still got one stupendous Stingray and some great stories and new friendships to go along with it.

On the Campaign Trail with a 1972 Corvette: Trail's End? (Part 10)

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  1. Steve, I’m watching your auction on BaT, best of luck. You probably know this, but the LT-1 you need to look for is a 1972 with A/C, very special car with only around 240 built. There was one on ebay a while back with several “issues”. The LT-1 was gone, the A/C had been ripped out, it had been raced extensively and had numerous suspension modifications, a real “pig with lipstick”. I have a beautiful fully loaded ’72 that I’m turning into a clone. It has 406 C.I. and all the right stuff you can see. It won’t fool a real Corvette guy, but it will get some second looks, GLWTA, Zoom Zoom.

  2. Steve – Just cleaning up the engine and engine bay area will help sell this car. You can work miracles with a bottle of Simple Green, a toothbrush, a good supply of rags and a hose with valve and nozzle on which you can adjust the flow down pretty low. Oh – I forgot – you’ll need to spend an hour or more cleaning every nook and cranny. Then take your leaf blower and blow any left over water off the engine/components. That’s just what dedicated Corvette owners do to show they really love their car.

    Good luck achieving your goal, whatever it is.

  3. Yeah, that’s the first thing I would do to this car, take the engine out and detail it and the engine compartment, to hell with this “survivor” stuff. I know I’m bad………..

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