[VIDEO] Comparison of the C8 Corvette Stingray Convertible vs the Porsche Boxster GTS 4.0


[VIDEO] Comparison of the C8 Corvette Stingray Convertible vs the Porsche Boxster GTS 4.0

To set up this latest C8 comparison in your mind, take a moment to activate your inner Bobby Boucher and pretend with us for one paragraph. Let’s begin by imagining an alternate version of 1997 where the Corvette team has decided to embrace the C4 ZR-1’s pricing strategy. As the C5 and C6 began to drift towards $100,000 even in their most bare-bones, 1LT-state, they also balloon in size and luxury until their soul becomes more of a grand tourer than a true sports car. Now, continue to envision this alt-reality Chevrolet presenting traditional Corvette customers with an olive branch in the form of a small, affordable sports car (think Pontiac Solstice) to serve as a little brother to flagship, and it implements a slightly neutered version of the real ‘Vette’s V8 from the get-go.

That is a future that most of us could live with; maybe we couldn’t afford the big dog anymore, but those of us in the know would be secure in the knowledge that we actually had the better and more balanced vehicle. Now, fast forward a couple of generations and mid-cycle refreshes and picture GM pulling the cover off of a brand-new Solstice that eschewed big brother’s LT V8 for a lousy corporate 3.6L bent six (except in a limited-run trim level that costs as much as a base ‘Vette). To make matters worse, this fictional GM is charging the same or more money for the 3.6 than they did for the old V8 version. Knowing our readers, we could see Mrs. Barra’s counterpart receiving more than a few strongly worded letters, accompanied by a significant loss of business. Finally, after all of this, think about the excitement that would grip Chevy Solstice Nation if the V8 returned a few years later in a mid-range trim level.


For Porscheophiles, that situation is decidedly non-fiction. The most affordable vehicle in the 20-model (not exaggerating!) 911 line-up STARTS at $101,200, before taxes, title, delivery, registration, or a single option box is selected. The car that made Porsche famous has become massively expensive over the years, so, in the mid-90s, in an effort to make the marque more accessible to driving enthusiasts whose accounts can’t stomach a 911-sized payment, the Boxster and its hard-top twin, the Cayman were born as less-powerful mid-engine alternatives. A few years back, the 911’s flat-6 was replaced by a measly 2.5L flat-4 in the “718” range. Now, Porsche fans can rejoice! The naturally aspirated six-cylinder is back with a glorious 4.0-liters of displacement in GTS trim, but it has new competition from the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Porsche fans should be excited… and very afraid!


The second-best of the Canada-based automotive-themed YouTube duos recently got their hands on this newly reenergized Boxster, and it’s new mid-engined foe, an Accelerate Yellow 2021 Stingray Convertible, to see if the ‘Vette was able to supplant the Boxster for mid-mounted driving thrills while the little German was vacationing in Downsize-and-Turbocharge-Ville. We are going to pull a non-Z51 and refrain from spoilers, but this video is definitely worth a watch for anyone who would ever find themselves on CorvetteBlogger (even if you found us by accident).


The action starts with some nice rolling shots of the two cars that flows nicely into a specs comparison. This is followed by the hosts talking about what they like best about the two drop-tops, some exhaust contrasts (an easy win for the Yellow Team!). As the video progresses, we learn that there is no Canadian word for “Nacelles” and, at 8:52 there we finally see some good-old-fashioned drag racing, starting with some humorous house rules before going into the real-deal and some roll-racing. As we proceed, the hosts talk about the magic of MagRide, discuss wheel design (the C8’s Achilles heel?), and we see multiple practicality tests (doors, seats, sun visors, storage, etc.) before the presenters conclude with another sound comparison, side-by-side pricing, and the announcement of their winner.

Enjoy the film, Corvette Nation, and take a moment to thank the powers that be for keeping the Corvette in its lane for all of these years, so we don’t need our own version of the Boxster!

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