[VIDEO] Track Attack Canada Compares the C8 Corvette vs Lamborghini Huracan 580-2


[VIDEO] Track Attack Canada Compares the C8 Corvette vs Lamborghini Huracan 580-2

By now, seemingly everyone on Planet Earth knows how great the new 2020 Corvette Stingray is.

But is Chevy’s hot new mid-engine ‘Vette a true supercar?

Colin Caissie of Track Attack Canada recently set out to find out for himself when he pitted the all-new C8 against a 2016 Lamborghini 580-2 in a variety of tests.

Despite giving up about 100 horsepower to the V10 Lambo and at a third of the cost (the Lambo cost $240,000), the Corvette was able to emerge as the winner in several portions of the competition and kept it close in the losses.

[VIDEO] Track Attack Canada Compares the C8 Corvette vs Lamborghini Huracan 580-2

For example, in the Timed Auto Slalom Run, the Corvette won with a time of 41.35 versus the 41.56 of the Huracan.

The Lamborghini rebounded to win the Standing Quarter Mile and the Roll Race, though the difference was tight in both cases.

To conclude the competition, the Corvette rallied to record the best Timed Hot Lap at 1:16.9, nearly a second faster than the Huracan’s 1:17.8.

“I’m pretty excited – that’s pretty cool,” said Matt Stokes, GM Canada Marketing Segment Manager, who attended a showing of the videos recapping the competition. “That’s a big car to take down, and for this to be the first model year and technically the base model of the C8 – to be competing at a level like that, and not only compete but taking down a Lamborghini, it shows how truly impressive this car is.”

[VIDEO] Track Attack Canada Compares the C8 Corvette vs Lamborghini Huracan 580-2

Caissie, who drove the cars during the competition, agreed.

“This is a very, very impressive sports car,” he said of the Stingray, which was equipped with the Z51 performance package.

“In the Lamborghini’s defense, though, the brakes did start to die not even two laps into my hot laps, so the data we recorded (earlier) did show the Lambo was quite a bit quicker than the Corvette,” he added. “But unfortunately with them dying so quickly, you can’t pull time out if you can’t use the brakes.”

That being said, however, Caissie admitted that the overall outcome was a testament to the Corvette.

“We did quite a few hot laps with the Corvette,” he said. “We drove around all day filming, and you know what, this thing was a champ. Not at any point throughout the day did it show any signs of wear and tear, brake fading, like nothing. The car held up to everything we put it through and just smiled the whole while doing it and obviously put down an impressive time as well.”

[VIDEO] Track Attack Canada Compares the C8 Corvette vs Lamborghini Huracan 580-2

Still, Caissie says he’s not “super convinced” that the new Corvette is really a supercar, though he conceded as a performance sports car, “this thing is King of the Hill. I’m convinced bang for the buck, this thing is the way to go.”

Overall, he believes the Z51 is “pretty much the ultimate sports car on Planet Earth right now. For what you pay and what you get, there simply is not a better value.”

Perhaps Caissie is reluctant to raise the entry-level model of the Corvette to such lofty status.

“In my opinion, this is not a true supercar … not yet,” he said.

Like so many of us, he remains curious to see what the Z06 and other higher-performance models will be like, and they “might change my mind,” he concedes.

Track Attack Canada

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  1. As a proud Canadian, I loved this highly professional and respectful Comparison. Despite the claimed Brake issues the Huracan had, we did not know the state of them before the meet. Too bad and thums down for the owner. Kudo’s To Mat to bring a well maintained C8 Z51. Powerplants: The Lambo FlatPlane V10 Has Legs with 8K RedLine. Obviously it has an advantage at mid and higher speed. Love to hear it sing. Not to disrespect the LT2 engine for its Low end Torque Grunt, but The 6.5K redline is SAD, big mistake to put it in the Base C8… Why? For a few thousand dollars more per Car I would of Converted the LT2 platform as a 7L CrossPlane NA High Compression 7K RPM monster called the LT7 paying Homage to The Legendary LS7. It would be in the same league as the Katech LT1 427 with 625 Lb-Ft and 700hp. Blow away the Huracan and Many Others Clear out of the Water…. UnderSteer? Put sticky tires all around. These characteristics would have elevated the Base Sting Ray in MID Supercar Class with the greatest Performance Value on the planet. Fuel Efficiency? Program the Dual Clutch 8 speed to start in 3rd gear when put in Full Auto. There is so much torque at the low end the car would move forward without touching the Gas Pedal At iddle. Nothing exotic, but highly effective engineering tweaks for C8. Sigh… Final Note, I am looking Forward to the C8 Flat plane 5.5 L V8. Seems to hold up good in C8R despite the fact That it is BOP restricted to 7.4K RPM and Further Air restricted to only 500 Hp.

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