[VIDEO] Hennessey Races at Stock C8 Corvette Vs Tuned Dodge Durango


[VIDEO] Hennessey Races at Stock C8 Corvette Vs Tuned Dodge Durango

Size matters when it comes to this drag race between a Dodge Hellcat Durango and a stock C8 Corvette.

Earlier, before the good folks at Hennessey worked that magic under the hood, the new mid-engine Stingray was able to come back from an early deficit and beat the Durango.

That was before Hennessey added its HPE1000 package to the Durango, upping the horsepower to a little over 1,000 and torque to 969 lb-ft.

That’s more than double the new Corvette’s 495 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque,

Hennessey decided to pit this Odd Couple against each other, and the results are about what you might expect from such a power mismatch.

On the first run, with both vehicles not using launch control. we quickly see that the much heavier Durango is still able to jump to an early lead that it never relinquishes this time around.

On the second run, the Corvette driver is encouraged to use launch control, and the difference is closer. But the Durango still wins.

We’re not sure what this proves, other than if you want to carry more than two people in a fast vehicle, the Durango is definitely a great option.

But you better make your reservation now as only 50 of these potent Durangos will ever be built. Oh, and Hennessey even includes a 24-month, 24,000 warranty.


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  1. So what the hell is the point here? I think these races between two way different cars is a waste of time. I didn’t even bother to watch the vid. This is lame you guys, what a waste of time. For one thing, it’s a friggen DODGE so who cares!? This is pretty much a useless article.

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