The 2022 Corvette Order Guide Shows New Carbon Fiber High Wing, Intake Trim


The 2022 Corvette Order Guide Is Now Available for Download

Today is the date we had circled on our calendar for the release of the Order Guide and we learned that it just became available this afternoon. Click here to view and download the 2022 Corvette Order Guide.

The Corvette Order Guide is an essential planning tool for those that really like to get into the weeds when it comes to customizing your 2022 Corvette order. It shows all the equipment and options available as well as which options are standard, optional or not available on both the coupe and convertible models.

2022 IMSA GTLM Championship Editions

We’ve pretty much covered what is new for the 2022 model year already over the last few weeks, but to recap, the 2022 Corvette will get three new colors called Hypersonic Gray, Caffeine Metallic, and Amplify Orange, the IMSA GTLM Championship Edition for Coupe/Convertibles, as well as a new low-profile spoiler.

It also looks like customers will be able to add more Carbon Fiber to their 2022 Corvette orders. We found these items on the Order Guide which were not previously mentioned by the Corvette Team, although we’ve covered them before. The third item on the list (5V7) appears to be a new front splitter based on the requirements.

  • LPO RWJ Visible Carbon FIber door intake trim
  • LPO 5Z5 High Wing Spoiler in Visible Carbon Fiber
  • LPO 5V7 Black Ground Effects

Carbon Fiber Side Intake Trim

We are assuming that ordering for the 2022 Corvettes will start this month based on past comments from the Corvette Team at the NCM Bash this year, and we know from an earlier leak that the GM Workbench order system is set-up with all the info for the 2022 model year.

Chevrolet has also announced that it is raising the prices on the 2022 Corvette Coupe and Convertible models by $1,200. It’s also possible that several individual option prices could be going up as well. We’re still waiting for the full price list to drop which we expect will happen right around when 2022 ordering begins.

Click here to view and download the 2022 Corvette Order Guide.


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  1. “Chevrolet has also announced that it is raising the prices on the 2022 Corvette Coupe and Convertible models by $1,200.”

    They should be offering $1,200 worth of incentives for those whose Order Status was 2999 or lower.

  2. Andrew, you are right! Unfortunately the C8 is a massive hit. So GM can now do whatever it pleases with little to no repercussions. It’s too bad the consumers aren’t respected better by a company that they support and help keep in business.

  3. They have mad the car even more expensive by the endless delays in parts. Lets see if they run out of the high wing and the scoops 1/4 of the way through the model year. They should offer an option to stop water from pouring into the engine d through the vents during rain storms and while washing the car.

  4. Probably will not get my C8 Coupe until October but already purchased and received my High Wing and 5VM ground effects kit, both in Caron Flash from GM vendors. Saved about 2K by not going through GM. Now just more waiting game like everyone else to get to 3000 status on a 22. I cant complain, lots of people have waited more than a year for their C8, I will have only waited about 8 months.

  5. I have owned new C5; C6;C7 Corvettes. A very good and knowledgeable friend advised me never to buy a new generation Corvette until it is in at least its 3rd production year. Over the years I FOUND OUT my friend was 100% correct. Don’t think for a minute your new C8 will not have factory recalls— they will. I’m waiting for a 2023 !!

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