[VIDEO] New Carbon Fiber Accessories Coming for the 2021 Corvette


[VIDEO] New Carbon Fiber Accessories Coming for the 2021 Corvette

Photo Credits: Rick ‘Corvette’ Conti

I was talking with our friend Rick ‘Corvette’ Conti recently and he gave me a heads up to keep an eye on his YouTube channel as he was dropping a video featuring some unreleased photos of new accessories for the 2021 Corvette. For those of you who like the look of visible carbon fiber, you are in luck!

According to Rick’s new video which we have embedded for you below, the list of accessories includes a few things that have been alluded too as well as previously announced. Those accessories include the previously announced Jake all-weather floor mats and cargo mat, as well as a “Jake” hood graphic that we saw on the Road America Pace Cars with the Stingray ‘R’ graphic package.

Jake All-Weather Floor Mats

Jake Cargo Mat

Jake Hood Graphic

Now on to the new accessories for 2021!

First up, Rick shares photos showing a carbon fiber roof bow graphic for the C8 Corvette that runs along the top of the B-pillar of the car. The first couple of photos show it in combination with a painted roof so you can see where it is, and we agree with Rick that it really needs to ordered with the visible carbon fiber roof panels:

Exposed Carbon Fiber Roof Bow

Exposed Carbon Fiber Roof Bow

Exposed Carbon Fiber Roof Bow

Here it is with the optional transparent top. Notice how the roof bow graphic goes all the way to the edges in this photo:

Exposed Carbon Fiber Roof Bow

We think these next two accessories are very much needed. They are the visible carbon fiber “boomerang” for the side air intakes and a visible carbon fiber High Wing!

Visible Carbon Fiber Boomerang

Visible Carbon Fiber High Wing Package

Visible Carbon Fiber High Wing Package

And finally, here is a Tow Hook for you racers out there:

C8 Tow Hook

Rick says that the accessories currently are not showing in the Chevrolet order system and they are certainly not on the configurator. The Chevy salesman believes that once the ordering process officially opens that we may see these accessories become available.

Rick starts talking about the 2021 ordering and accessories at 5:45 in the video below:

Thanks again for the update Rick!

Rick Corvette Conti / YouTube

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  1. I guess I’m behind the curve, but I just don’t see or understand the fascination with visible carbon fiber. I would like the weight savings but the look is way over emphasized in my mind. I guess if it’s painted people don’t know you have it!

  2. Forgot to mention in my previous post. The Jake all weather floor mats and trunk liners are not new for ’21. I bought them August when I took delivery of my C8.

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