An 87-Year-Old Man Who Likes Fast Cars Just Bought His Very First Corvette


87-Year-Old Man Who Likes Fast Cars Just Bought His Very First Corvette

You’re never too old to drive a Corvette.

That might be the best way to sum up Vern Eden, an 87-year-old resident of Valleyford, Washington who just picked up a brand new 2021 Corvette Stingray.

“I like fast cars,” he explains.

But Vern’s Torch Red beauty is no garage queen.

He’s already used his new mid-engine sports car to pick up tractor parts!

“It’s a driving car,” the long-time farmer explains. “Not one to put in the shop and look at. I used it to get tractor parts. The guy came out and said, ‘Nice parts car.'”

Before becoming one of the few people of any age in the country to drive a C8 Corvette, Eden led quite an interesting life.

When he was just 15, he and his brother drove a 1940 Chevy to Mexico and back, camping out in their car along the way. “Never had a breakdown or even a flat tire,” Vern says.

That trip proved to be a harbinger of Eden’s life as he drove a truck for 44 years, including 40 for URM. In addition, when he and his wife would finish their work on the family farm each fall, they would take off five weeks to explore the world. He says they have visited 65 countries, including 15 trips each to China and Cambodia. “Cambodia – it’s still kind of wild there,” he said of his favorite destination. “And you can rent a motorcycle for $5 a day.”

He says the best way to see the world is to rent a car. “It’s fun! You can stop when you want, see what you want. I drove 6,500 miles in Europe. You can cover quite a few countries.”

Now, though, he’ll be spending a lot of time on American roads behind the wheel of his new Corvette. Asked why he waited so long to get his first one, Vern explains: “Well, they finally got it right on this one. I didn’t like the way they were balanced before – heavy on the front end.”

Vern had to wait about 18 months to pick up his car, which he ordered from Chipman & Taylor Chevrolet in Pullman. “It’s a small dealership with a good crew,” he says, noting that he changed his mind from blue to red because that’s “a Corvette color.”

He’s impressed so far with the performance of his new Stingray, calling it “fabulous.”

“It responds to the throttle and has quick steering,” he says.

As for any thoughts on confirming the 0 to 60 acceleration time of 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 194 mph, Vern just grins and says: “Oh, I plan on it. I just have to find a suitable place.”

You can see more pictures of Vern with his new 2021 Corvette at


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  1. I’m actually digging this story! Beats the typical NCM delivery I see all the time by a longshot. Thanks for the share!!

  2. Vern , You da Man !!!!! i have a ’20 , it is so much fun driving it , I hope you find the same joy..

  3. Didn’t like the way they were balanced before?? Really Vern. Geez Vern you apparently missed the C5R, C6R, and now the C8R kicking ass on the track for many years now. But at least you finally pulled the trigger.

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