[VIDEO] Young Owner Loves His C4 Corvette, Calls It The ‘Best Buy I’ve Ever Made’


[VIDEO] Young Owner Loves His C4 Corvette, Calls It The 'Best Buy I've Ever Made'

The seventh and eighth-generation Corvettes are supposed to be the ones that bring young people back into the fold.

But it doesn’t always take the shiniest new toy to attract the “kids” to a Corvette.

Just look at the self-described “young adult” who recently posted a recap on Reddit of his first year behind the wheel of a 1992 Corvette.

[VIDEO] Young Corvette Owner Loves His C4 Corvette, Calls It The 'Best Buy I've Ever Made'

PherdBurfell reports that he was looking for a fun daily driver in spring 2019 with a “strict” budget but “big” dreams. “Many a rational choice like an older Si or GTI went out the window in he heat of passion,” he admits. “I knew who I was and I knew I was gonna be that guy that’s daily an old sports car.”

So he went out and bought this nearly 30-year-old C4 no one else seemed to want, planning to drive it in the snow, rain, heat, “all of it” in Indiana year round, “sure that it’d work out.”

Sure enough, PherdBurfell now calls it “the Best Buy I’ve ever made,” even with well over 200k miles on the odometer!

[VIDEO] Young Corvette Owner Loves His C4 Corvette, Calls It The 'Best Buy I've Ever Made'

Equipped with the dependable LT1 engine that makes 300 horsepower and a fun 6-speed manual, the car wasn’t the most beautiful Corvette ever. But a check by a mechanic friend (who since has bought one of his own) revealed it to be “near mint” mechanically, and at just $3,800, he figured “what the hell? Worth the gamble I figured.”

He’s since added 40,000-plus miles and reports no major issues mechanically during that time, other than a $40 fix for an idle air control repair. He’s done routine maintenance like oil, brake fluid, coolant and pads.

“It’s pretty cheap to insure and surprisingly good on gas,” he adds, claiming he averages 24mpg on his 35-mile daily commute and can manage as high as 28 mpg if he drives gently.

[VIDEO] Young Corvette Owner Loves His C4 Corvette, Calls It The 'Best Buy I've Ever Made'

He says he loves the driving experience, even though it’s far from a perfect car. “For the money I can’t think of anything I’d rather drive.”

Like so many of us, his favorite part is the sound, noting that the LT motors and even the earlier L98s sound “fantastic.” His own stock exhaust sans mufflers growls and sounds mean under engine braking, he reports, but doesn’t drone on the interstate.

He also praises the handling as being “FAR better” than expected on an 80s chassis with a Chevy badge, saying it compares favorably to an S2000 owned by his roommate. “This is probably sacrilege,” he says, “but I wouldn’t take that Honda over my lowly Chevrolet in 75% of cases.”

[VIDEO] Young Corvette Owner Loves His C4 Corvette, Calls It The 'Best Buy I've Ever Made'

He acknowledges his ’92 isn’t a perfect car by any means, especially when it comes to comfort that he describes as “mediocre.” “If you care about the comfort,” he warns, “this car isn’t the one for you.” And with its “hellishly tall” door sills, “grandma ain’t going for a ride.”

While C4s are often panned for their interiors, he believes even with “plenty of cheap plastic,” the overall interior quality “is really not too terrible for an early 90s car,” and that aforementioned cheap plastic is “formed well and doesn’t rattle a whole lot in my specific case.”

All in all, he concludes, he would make the same decision again without hesitation. “To anyone looking for a fun car well under $10k, I’d seriously consider a C4 Corvette.”

Regardless, apparently, of how old – or young- you happen to be.

reddit.com via GM Authority

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  1. So much for the silly notion that young people can’t afford a Corvette. $3,800?!?!?

    And even though his ’92 can’t keep up with the newer Corvettes, he’s still driving a “Vette”! After he’s been “in the Corvette family” for a while, he’ll never be able to go back to lesser vintage cars. VERY COOL!

  2. My first Corvette as a young man was a 1959. I would bet that this will not be your last. Congrats! We are now waiting 56 years later for our 2020 Corvette HTC. Welcome to the Corvette family.

  3. This is proof positive that the C4 is a solid car! Not many cars got to the 200K mark! Glad you are enjoying this car, welcome to the club, you will love upgrading to a C5 someday!

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