Are C8 Corvettes Still Dealing with Faulty Valve Springs?


Are C8 Corvettes Still Dealing with Faulty Valve Springs?

Photo Credit: Michael Crummer

During the summer months of 2020, we became aware of an issue causing all kinds of havoc across GM’s line-up of V8 vehicles. A vendor had supplied GM with a batch of faulty valve springs that ended up being used on the L87, LT1, LT2, LT4, L82, L84, and L8T engines.

GM issued a warning in a service bulletin that owners with a bad valve spring may experience a check engine light along with the engine misfiring and making other strange noises.

Unfortunately, some engines with faulty valve springs suffered catastrophic failure as the spring’s break-up caused the valve to drop into the cylinder like these photos recently shared on Facebook from Michael Crummer. The Torch Red Corvette Convertible is shown on a lift inside a Texas Chevrolet dealership with its LT2 engine dropped from the rear of the car. Michael comments that the Corvette had just 57 miles on it when calamity struck. 57 miles…

The original GM service bulletin for the faulty valve springs suggested that GM had a handle on the issue by knowing that the bad parts were used in production between June 1 to September 15, 2020. GM would then extend that window through October 7th. And yet, here were are in January with a 57-mile Corvette appearing to be afflicted with the same issue.

The good news for the owner of this Corvette is that his warranty will pick up the bill, but it sure would be nice if GM could make this issue go away permanently.

Michael Crummer / Facebook

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  1. This surely cant be the only vendor who makes valve springs. GM should tell them if you cant do it right we will find some else who can. I would think GM is making pay for all costs related to this problem.

  2. I think anyone who has not purchased an extended warranty with their C8 is making a big mistake.
    Up until now, I have never thought this would be necessary.

  3. I had a faulty valve spring on my 2007 Z06 engine that required a complete engine teardown at the Dealer. I would have guessed Chevy had this issue fixed by now.

  4. Oh swell, I too have a ’07 Z06. I average 1000 miles a year and when I do drive it, I don’t beat it. Maybe I should start thinking about a set of quality aftermarket valve springs. Can’t believe CHEVROLET doesn’t make this right to everyone that stepped up to the plate and laid down the big bucks. Never heard of FORD or CHRYSLER having this problem

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