[VIDEO] Stolen 2020 Corvette Crashes Through a Dealer’s Gate During Philadelphia Riots


[VIDEO] Stolen 2020 Corvette Crashes Through a Dealer's Gate During Philadelphia Riots

On Monday evening, it was chaos on the streets of Philadelphia following another fatal police shooting, and soon there were all kinds of vandalism and destruction happening.

Even so, it was sort of surprise to hear that a C8 Corvette had been stolen from an unnamed Chevrolet dealership during the melee, and now there is a video showing the moment the car breaks through a gate and heads off down the street.

The video shows the 2020 Arctic White Stingray crash through a large gated fence and it nearly crashes into another vehicle in the middle of the road. The Corvette reverses and then drives past the crowd as people laugh.

At the very end of the clip, I swear we can see that this is a HTC model as it drives by the crowd, and from the video, it looks like all the vents are body-color as well. So if that sounds like your Corvette and your dealer is telling you there will a “slight” delay in getting your car ready for delivery, now you know why!


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  1. Hopefully it was just one of the 2020’s that the dealer was holding back with a $15,000 “Market Adjustment” price and not a customer ordered car.

  2. One of the major theft deterrents for younger cars thieves is the manual transmission. If they are not gear heads and have never driven a stick, they are baffled on what to do. Since
    all C8’s have an automatic, they should be easier to steal. Where were all these state of the art theft deterrents that the Corvette is suppose to have?

  3. When I store customers vehicles in my shop overnight all of the keys and fobs are removed from the vehicles and hidden.

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