[VIDEO] This C8 Corvette Model is Carved Entirely from a Block of Wood


[VIDEO] This C8 Corvette Model is Carved Entirely from a Block of Wood

We’ve seen bears, alligators, and other critters chopped out of wood, but our favorite such artistic endeavor has to be this wooden C8 Corvette that features several realistic features.

The woodworking artist behind this work of art remains anonymous, but fortunately for Corvette enthusiasts, he does post his work on a YouTube channel called Woodworking Art.

In this entertaining nine-minute video, you get an idea of just how much tedious work goes into such a creation.

[VIDEO] This C8 Corvette Model is Carved Entirely from a Block of Wood

The artist says the wooden car came about after a request by a friend to make a C8, coming on the heels of two other impressive vehicles he had already done – a Cadillac presidential limousine and a 2021 Chevy Silverado HD Carhartt Edition.

When we first started watching the video, we didn’t know how far the artist would be willing to go to make the car realistic. Let’s just say he went the distance, with major attention to detail.

Starting with a rectangular block of wood, he traces an outline of the exterior shape, then proceeds to use a variety of tools to slowly cut, chop, and chisel his way to the finished product. He may have traced the outline, but it’s definitely a talent to keep fine-tuning the wood to make it look very much like a real Stingray.

[VIDEO] This C8 Corvette Model is Carved Entirely from a Block of Wood

That includes a steering wheel and four tires that actually turn, a removable roof panel that even stores in the rear trunk, a see-through panel over the engine, and opening doors and frunk. We were amazed at how he was even able to make tread patterns on the tires, the red-painted calipers, and the spokes on the wheels, not to mention the intricate taillights and rear vents.

Asking an internet user to give up nine minutes of his life is a big ask, but we highly recommend watching the way this craftsman plies his trade. After all he took a month and 10 days to create this C8 Corvette.

Woodworking Art via GM Authority

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