[VIDEO] NCM Anniversary Celebration 2020 – Friday Highlights


[VIDEO] NCM Anniversary Celebration 2020 – Friday Highlights

The National Corvette Museum’s 26th Anniversary Celebration is now in full swing and CorvetteBlogger contributor Jeremy Welborn has been offering these video recaps from each day of the event.

Jeremy sent us his Friday recap from the Corvette Museum that includes a look at some of the Corvettes on display for the Celebrity Choice Corvette show, and he also drops by to see an R8C Museum Delivery of a 2020 Corvette. Jeremy shares a segment from the Corvette Team virtual seminar with Tadge Juechter and Harlan Charles, and he offers a look at the 1.75 Millionth Corvette. The show ends with the Celebrity Choice winners driving around the NCM Circle to receive their rewards.

Jeremy Welborn

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