[SPIED] C8 Corvette E-Ray Prototype Testing on the German Autobahn


[SPIED] C8 Corvette E-Ray Prototype Testing on the German Autobahn

Screenshot Credit: DrGHumoLunatic / YouTube

Looks like the C8 Corvette prototypes are back in Germany for a new round of testing, based on this latest YouTube video just posted yesterday. The video reportedly shows a C8 Corvette prototype with the heavy black cladding over the camouflaged wrapping as it’s driving on a snowy day in Germany near Stuttgart.

The video title calls this the “Z06 / Z08 – 2021” but we actually are thinking this could be the E-Ray. We are basing that mostly on the wheel package which shows the Stingray’s black Open Spoke wheels while the side view doesn’t appear to show the large rockers as we’ve seen on other C8 Corvette Z06 prototypes.

Over here in the States, the Z06 prototypes have been marked with the large wheel covers hiding the brake rotors. We also know now that the Z06’s 345 tire size has been confirmed, so those Stingray wheels wouldn’t quite fit right under the widebody.

[SPIED] C8 Corvette E-Ray Prototype Testing on the German Autobahn

There is also something going on with the rear fascia which appears to be missing. What we are seeing there looks like an unblocked view of the Corvette’s stock Tenneco exhaust system

The video was posted by “DrGumoLunatic” to YouTube who said the car was spied near Stuttgart, Germany. That’s roughly 3.5 hours from the Nurburgring according to Google maps, and there are several different Autobahn routes in the area that Corvette engineers could be running. Perhaps our German Corvette brothers will chime in if they have any additional details to add.

The 2nd part of the official documentary for the C8 Corvette called “Corvette Stingray – The Mid Engine Revolution” showcased the Corvette engineering team’s efforts in testing the new C8s in Germany. The primary focus is often on the Nurburgring tests, but we know that engineers also utilize the surrounding roads and the Autobahn for testing while in-country as well. So seeing what we think could be the E-Ray testing there makes us wonder just how close the team may be to finishing the development of the car.

Until next time…Auf Wiedersehen!

DrGumoLunatic / YouTube

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  1. Unless some has a $100 million+ to construct a replica or a near-replica of the ‘Ring, I think we’ll see a diminished presence of Corvette testing over there due to a migration of many of the Corvette Engineering team over to EV. I’m just a pessimist now with the way Barra’s trying to appease her commie overlords on EV production.

    I really hope I’m terribly wrong about that.

  2. Good news, Andrew — you ARE terribly wrong. Her overlords are capitalists. They are investing in EV production because that is where the world is going. In 30 years, internal combustion engines will be in the same category as horses for general transportation: extinct.

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