[VIDEO] Watch Part II of Revolution: The Mid-Engine Corvette Development Story


[VIDEO] Watch Part II of Revolution: The Mid-Engine Corvette Development Story

Chevrolet dropped Part II of its documentary covering the development of the C8 Corvette on Monday morning. Titled “Revolution: The Mid-Engine Development Story”, Part I was the story of the car told through the eyes of the designers while Part II focuses on the engineering of the mid-engine Corvette.

When the trailer for “Revolution” was first released in what seems like ages ago, some eagle-eyed viewers caught a clue to the Nurburgring time for the car that appeared to be painted on the track itself. And that’s exactly where Part II begins with views of a camouflaged Corvette Stingray running on the famous German race track.

“Being at the Nurburgring is the toughest test for a vehicle period, says Ken Morris, VP of Autonomous and Electric Vehicle Engineering, adding, “and the reason for that is we have all sorts of events during one lap.”

During one lap of the Nurburgring, engineers will drive the Corvette to its top speed, and they are going to reach maximum lateral acceleration and very high speeds. Vehicle Performance Engineer Brian Wallas adds, “I think it’s something like 15 corners on this track, your max lat acceleration at over 90 miles an hour. Of those 15…like 12 of them over 120 mph. You can’t find that in North America.”

[VIDEO] Watch Part II of Revolution: The Mid-Engine Corvette Development Story

During one scene with the engineers with the Nurburgring, we are granted access to an “after-action session” with Corvette Racing driver Oliver Gavin who was discussing his previous test in the car at the track. When asked about the testing sessions at the ‘Ring, Oliver says, “When you look at the group of guys who’ve come here, it’s a great team of people of all sort coming together and we’ve all got this one goal of getting that car better, getting it faster here on the racetrack at the Nurburgring.”

The C8 Corvette has more technology in the car than previous Corvettes and the engineers had to focus on how all that new technology works together to enhance the driving experience. The engineers utilize the track testing as well as driving on the autobahn to tune the various components on the fly. Changing one component can affect the whole car so the various teams had to work in unison as the development of the car progressed.

[VIDEO] Watch Part II of Revolution: The Mid-Engine Corvette Development Story

While Part II of the Revolution Documentary takes place entirely with the vehicle performance engineers at the Nurburgring, we are never told the official ‘Ring time of the 2020 Corvette Stingray which was rumored to be 7:29.9 according to the teaser video released last February. We hope that Chevy will indeed make the Nurburging lap video available to the public but based on how secretive they were with their C7 Corvette Nurburgring times, I am not getting my hopes up.

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