Carbuzz Offers the Latest on the Rumored Corvette SUV


Carbuzz Offers the Latest on the Corvette SUV

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We’ve been telling you about the possibility of a Corvette SUV for years.

Will it happen? Only the occupants of the most exclusive upper reaches of General Motors society know for sure.

In the meantime, enthusiasts are left to speculate and dream wildly, as Carbuzz writer Jake Lingeman does in a post today called “Everything We Know About The Corvette Stingray SUV.”

Jake starts out his report by pointing out the success other brands have had with expanding their model lineup – manufacturers like Porsche with its “wildly popular” crossover/SUV Cayenne and Lamborghini with its Urus, now its top seller in its two biggest markets. Others who have spun off a model into a brand, he writes, include Toyota with the Prius, Dodge with the Ram, and Hyundai with Genesis.

Naturally, GM is tight-lipped about any such move with the Corvette, including top officials like President Mark Reuss and VP of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports Jim Campbell.

Campbell repeated the company mantra by noting “I can’t say anything one way or the other,” while Reuss – a champion of the Corvette – left the door open slightly with “Probably not going to see that.”

Probably being the key word.

Reminds us of the “Dumb and Dumber” scene between Lloyd and Mary.

Lloyd: What are the chances of a guy like you and a girl like me… ending up together?

Mary: Not good.

Lloyd: Not good like one in a hundred?

Mary: I’d say more like one in a million.

Lloyd: So you’re telling me there’s a chance?

RUMOR: GM May Be Working on a Corvette-Branded Electric SUV for 2025

For enthusiasts who would like to see the Corvette swallow up the entire universe with that one-in-a-million chance, there’s always hope in the comments expressed by former GM vice chairman Bob Lutz:

“What I would do is develop a dedicated architecture, super lightweight, super-powerful, Porsche Cayenne-like, only much better and a little bigger, medium-volume Corvette SUV. Target worldwide 20,000 to 30,000 units, and price it starting at $100,000. Gorgeous interior. No V6 powertrain. No low-end version. It has to be the stellar premium sport-utility made in the United States, and the Corvette brand could pull that off.”

We support Lutz’s belief that a Corvette SUV would have to be THE BEST that America can produce. Anything less, and we believe it would be a flop, especially after the mammoth Mickey Mantle homerun that Chevy hit with the C8.

Carbuzz even had an artist dream up a rendering of a possible Corvette SUV, appropriately drawn in a shocking Accelerate Yellow version since electric is obviously the name of the game for future GM products. They even suggest a possible Corvette-rated electric powertrain, saying: “Though we don’t know if it would fit, the new Hummer setup has the right numbers. Ranging from 625 hp in the EV2 to 1,000 hp in the EV3X, just throw those Ultium batteries in the floor and get going.”

As noted earlier, all this talk is just that, talk.

But, as Carbuzz concludes: “If Ferrari can make an SUV, there’s no reason we can’t see one from Chevy and Corvette.”


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  1. Well with GM’s dumb as mud history and Ford’s success with the Mustang E!
    Guess we will not se it,well guess I will look at the E hoarse in a couple of years!

  2. Make it a Caddy. GM has another platform to play with. Four door Corvette. Blasphemy!!!

  3. Obviously the rendering is an electric vehicle since the grill is closed. I just can’t get excited about a Chevy SUV associated with the Corvette brand. If GM wants to build a cool SUV with great suspension, engine, tech and interior, have at it. But please just leave the Corvette brand out of it. Nobody is going to be impressed when a soccer mom picks up her kids in a SUV with a Corvette name badge on the liftgate. It’s still an SUV driven by a soccer mom.

  4. As usual, Bob Lutz has it going on and knows how to do it exactly right. Too bad he’s not running the show. In today’s world, it would be a smash hit. No question. Mary, are you listening?


    On top of being FUGLY, it would be a total SHAM to the Corvette.

    That would drag down the Corvette Sports Car to something stupid like the Mustang.


    I think GM just got my vote !

  6. No, No, No, nononononoNo!!
    Chevrolet already has an SUV.
    Corvette is not a brand! It’s a model!
    There is no Huracan SUV, no 911 SUV,
    no 488 or F8 SUV. Why should there be a Corvette SUV??? Nononono! Please don’t!!

  7. NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO, DAMN IT NO. To many damn SUV’s as it is. Jesus, what is wrong with you people??!!

  8. Ya, that POS Mustang SUV is really ugly but it’s a “Stang” so I could care less anyway.

  9. Corvette should be left as is. It was never meant to be a family car. Reason why it only has two seats. It doesn’t need to be turned into a mom mobile

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