[VIDEO] More on Pre-Owned C8 Corvette Values from Brink of Speed


[VIDEO] More on Pre-Owned C8 Corvette Values from Brink of Speed

A little over a month ago I sat down and typed out this screed on pre-owned C8 Corvettes and why you might want to consider going the pre-owned route to get into a car today even if it means paying over MSRP, instead of waiting months or longer to order a new Corvette. The article has generated a lot of discussions both here and elsewhere, and we continue to see our main points are being validated.

In that article, we offered the five reasons why to look at the pre-owned market for getting into a C8 Corvette today, and just four weeks later, those points we made are being proven correct:

  • We said that the 2021s are sold out (they still are and now the model year may be ending as soon as the week of July 19th)
  • We said that prices are going up (GM just raised MSRP by $1,000)
  • We said that plant closures and supply chain issues would continue (we lost another week of production following its publication)
  • We said that the supply of pre-owned C8s for sale continues to grow (Still over 700 C8s for sale on Autotrader)
  • We said that new model rollouts will squeeze demand for all models (still waiting on that to happen)

Our friend Mike from the Brink of Speed YouTube Channel takes a different look at this article from the perspective of a current C8 Corvette owner. Mike uses some industry tools as he researches how much his 2020 Corvette with 10,000 miles on the odometer could fetch on the secondary market and the amount is surprising.

Mike says the point of his video is not to advocate spending thousands over MSRP for a Corvette, but to show C8 Corvette owners that their cars are worth a whole lot more than you probably think.

From Brink of Speed:

Today, I’m excited to show you what my C8 Corvette is worth and discuss what your C8 may be worth as well. The C8 market is hotter than ever, and it may be time to take advantage of that hot market!

Brink of Speed / YouTube

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  1. It’s crazy how the market is reacting to this car. Haven’t seen anything like this since the Viper.

  2. I heard on AUTOTRADER alone there are 234 C8’s for sale . Add CARS.COM and others 700 in all for sale.
    That is what happens when you BUY before you at least see one in person and sit in it. GM had unveilings at various dealers .

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