[PICS] Corvette Racing Heads to Sebring with New Liveries for the C8.R (And They Aren’t Yellow!)


[PICS] Corvette Racing Heads to Sebring with New Liveries for the C8.R (And They Aren't Yellow!)

< AHREF="https://www.corvetteblogger.com/tag/corvetter-racing/">Corvette Racing unloaded their race car transports at Sebring International Raceway on Wednesday morning in advance of the Mobile 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring this Saturday and check out the new racing liveries for the C8.R Corvettes!

I may be wrong on this, but I do believe this is the first time that both Corvettes are going without its traditional Yellow since those early days of the program when the C5s were racing in the GTS class in the old American Le Mans Series.

It appears that both cars are still the same gray that was previously on the number 4 C8.R and with a new Gray exterior coming on the 2022 Corvette street cars called Hypersonic Gray, we wonder if we are getting a preview of what’s to come. After all, Chevy raced with “Corvette Racing Yellow” on the C7.Rs for a year before that color was available on the C7 street cars.

The differences between the two cars can be spotted with the different stripes packages shown. The No. 3 Corvette is trimmed in Red with a Red full-body racing stripe while the No.4 C8.R is trimmed in White. The only Yellow we now see on the cars are some small stickers that appear affixed to the wheels.

Sportscar365.com’s John Dagys says these liveries are for Sebring only as a celebration of the racing team’s partnership with Mobil 1 who is the title sponsor of the Sebring 12 hour race. Mobil 1 is the official motor oil for the Corvette and has been factory-filled in all new Corvettes since the 1990s.

You can see all four pics at Sportscar365.com.

For years, the question was always asked why Corvette Racing used Yellow for its racing liveries and the answer from former Program Manager Doug Fehan was that they are easier to see on television and in photos from the race.

This should make watching the Sebring race a whole lot different as my eyes have been trained for all these years to follow the yellow cars.

What are your thoughts on these new C8.R Corvette race liveries for Sebring? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Looks like yellow disappeared with Doug Fehan and other people and traditions. Personally, I was never a fan of yellow, and like the corporate silver better. Chevy better be careful. Vette owners, even the young ones, don’t take kindly to change. Keep winning or there will be hell to pay.

  2. Grey is the hardest color to see in all lighting conditions. Good luck with that in heavy traffic conditions. Grey is a boring German sedan color. Seems that someone above the racing team is calling the shots. The bright yellow has always loomed large and intimidating in the competitors rear view mirror. I certainly hope Corvette Racing’s day doesn’t end loaded on a flatbed.

  3. They have lost their “Feeble Brain Housing Assemblies” @ Corvette Racing Management.

  4. The new boss saw another opportunity to dump another silly tradition among the boys who ran the racing program and she’s taking full advantage of it. Won’t be the last. And I agree with others, gray is a terrible color for TV. My thoughts were silver and yellow and yellow and silver were intentionally noticeable to viewers as if to say…”we’re the Corvettes, here to kick rears and win the class – see us now!”.

  5. Greys are the worst color schemes for race cars in particular, Very hard to see. Terrible decision by GM

  6. I’m sure it’s about money. Mobile 1 must be ponying up some more $$$$ . So has anyone heard anything about IMSA 2022??? Are we going to race in the GT class? If we are only going Prototype I will be going someone else GT.

  7. Blue and white of the old Gulf Oil liveries on the Grand Sports. But since it’s Mobil One, okay…

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