[PICS] First Look at the New Strike Yellow/Sky Cool Gray Interior on the 2021 Corvette


[PICS] First Look at the New Strike Yellow/Sky Cool Gray Interior on the 2021 Corvette

Photo Credits: Corvette Action Center

One of Chevrolet’s new interior options for the 2021 Corvette is a two-tone interior called Strike Yellow/Sky Cook Gray and we finally got our first look at the 3LT trim in an actual car thanks to our friends at MacMulkin and the Corvette Action Center.

The pics show an Accelerate Yellow 2021 Corvette delivered to MacMulkin Chevrolet and inside the car is the new two-tone interior. It should actually be considered a tri-color interior as Black also consumes a major portion of the interior surfaces, with only the Sky Cool Gray breaking up the color on the dash.

The Strike Yellow portion of the interior in our opinion is executed perfectly with the GT2 seat bolsters trimmed in the color while the seating surfaces themselves are Sky Cool Gray. When paired with the yellow seatbelts, it’s a match made in heaven for fans of yellow. And speaking of Yellow, the Yellow stitching throughout the cabin and the Yellow notch on the steering wheel appears to be well done as well.

[PICS] First Look at the New Strike Yellow/Sky Cool Gray Interior on the 2021 Corvette

One of the interesting design choices in the interior is the color of the “battle axe” which is easily identified by the Sky Cool Gray portion of the passenger side of the car. And yes, the battle axe is the official name that Chevy uses to call that trim piece as we noted before. Some drivers have complained that the lighter colors like Sky Cool Gray and Natural cause a reflection off the windshield in the bright sun. FYI, the “cure” for that is to wear polarizing sunglasses.

The Chevrolet configurator appears to present the Strike Yellow/Sky Cool Gray option accurately, however, we believe this is one of those interiors that really needs to be seen in person before a decision can be rendered.

The owner of this 2021 Corvette also made the decision to add the Carbon Flash/Edge Red hash marks and new stinger stripes to the car. We are still not sold on the Stingers and it would be nice to see an installation that actually compliments the car’s exterior instead of clashing with it as Yellow and Red tend to do.

[PICS] First Look at the New Strike Yellow/Sky Cool Gray Interior on the 2021 Corvette

You can see additional photos of this car at the Corvette Action Center.

So what are your thoughts on the new Strike Yellow/Sky Cool Gray interior? Do you have one on order? Let us know in the comments below:

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  1. For some reason, the tri-color strikes me as an interior that was pieced together from donor cars.

  2. My car is ordered with this interior, I can’t wait to see it in person, I took a chance but am not regretting it all. Should see it arrive late February.

  3. Small detail: complement, not compliment. But thanks for the review of this interior. In general, I like Corvette’s willingness to try new design options.

  4. Disgusting may be a bit strong, but, it’s way too busy for me and not a fan of the fully grey battle axe in the middle of all that black. My car is natural/black and I think two colors is perfect.

  5. I was considering it for my build with a Silver Flare exterior, but now I think I’ll pass and go with the blue/blue or Morello Red.

  6. I have owned and driven 11 Corvettes over the years and this is Truly the ugliest interior I have ever seen. If I had the money to purchase a new C8 it would have the Natural Dipped LT3 interior. I do not like the split color interiors or the triple split color interiors at all.

  7. I don’t care for it either. The particular shades of yellow, inside and out, just don’t work for me. Just a bit too loud. The Stinger stripes and fender hashes just are hideous. This car would look better with the Midnight or Silver full length stripes.

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