[VIDEO] Edmunds Pits the C8 Corvette Against the Tesla Model Y at the Strip


[VIDEO] Edmunds Pits the C8 Corvette Against the Tesla Model Y at the Strip

Photo Credit: Edmunds / Twitter

Place your bets, folks! Our friends at Edmunds recently emerged from their long-term test-fleet garage with a Rapid Blue 2020 Corvette Stingray Z51, a Tesla Model Y Performance, a 1,320-foot race on their minds, and what we can only imagine was a rough day of work!

Who will prevail in this classic match-up between electricity and internal combustion, AWD and RWD, Detroit and Silicon Valley, sports car, and… low-riding SUV?

We won’t spoil the result, but it can be easy to jump to conclusions before clicking on the video. Elon’s plug-in cars have been the kings of the drag-strip for quite some time now, so it would be easy to write off this site’s namesake before any accelerators have even been pressed to the floor, but there is more at play here than meets the eye. Sure, the EV from NorCal has instant torque and all-wheel-drive working in its favor, but as seasoned ‘Veterans of C8 culture, we know how foolish it is to brush off the 2020 Corvette as “just the base model” at this point!

The Corvette’s opponent also might not be as strong as it initially seems either. When you hear the words “drag race” and “Tesla” in the same sentence, your mind immediately goes to the mighty Model S, right? Well, what we have here isn’t that fastest member of the S3XY family. Instead, lining up next to the Corvette is the newest member of Tesla’s line-up, an entry-level SUV wearing a “Y” badge.

[VIDEO] Edmunds Pits the C8 Corvette Against the Tesla Model Y at the Strip

As tested, the Stingray costs about $12,000 more than the Model Y, but the Tesla is firmly in C8 territory with an MSRP nearing $70,000. This means that, while aimed at completely target markets, these cars could possibly be cross-shopped, which is enough of an excuse for this test to exist, if you ask us.

Watch the video below to see if the V8-powered Corvette can use its 770-pound weight advantage to take the checkered flag in drag races, a roll race, or all of the above. What we will say is that no matter how this shakes out, if both were offered to us for a track day, we know which set of keys we would reach for each and every time!

Edmunds / YouTube

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  1. The comment about the ‘last drop of petrol’ is scary! Qhen all the cars go electric, what hap[pens to the electrical-grid when everybody is charging at nite-time? It will make Texas seem like a ‘cake-walk’!

  2. I would like to see the same race without using the C8’s launch control. Just leave it in the track or sport mode and stomp on it.

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