[SPIED] Motor Trend Captures the C8 Corvette Z06 Testing Out West


[SPIED] Motor Trend Captures the C8 Corvette Z06 Testing Out West

Photo Credit: Motor Trend

The good folks over at Motor Trend have captured the C8 Corvette Z06 on video as it was doing some on track testing out west. The audio is not as loud as we would prefer but the sound does remind us of the times we’ve heard the flat-plane crank V8 mule previously.

In addition to that video, there are two photos of a C8 Corvette prototype as it was being refueled at a gas station. The car doesn’t have a spoiler and its exhaust ports are mounted in the lower corners like the Stingray.

Check out the width of that side rocker panel behind the front wheel and you can get a sense that this is the widebody version of the C8 that was captured out and about. Motor Trend also suggests the rear tires are “significantly chunkier than the rubber found on the standard C8.”

As for the sound of the car, the general consensus is that the Z06 will pack the street version of Corvette Racing’s naturally aspirated 5.5L V8 engine that can rev as high as 9000 rpm. We’ve been teased a few times with public sightings and like those previous sightings, there are still questions we have that are not definitively answered here.

All and all, this was a very good catch by Motor Trend to capture the car on both video and at the fuel pump. Seeing the prototypes on the road is always reassuring to Corvette enthusiasts as its proof positive that C8 Corvette Z06 development continues.

Motor Trend

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  1. Vents from the bottom of the car help hold the C8 Z06 to the ground along with side spoilers on either side of the front keep the front of the car planted. The active aero in rear must be disable on Road testing so they don’t show everything ahead of the reveal. Will the Z06/C8Rs still be racing in the GT PRO for ISMA in 2022. Or is that new class just for Porsche GT3 RSRs They don’t like to race if they don’t always win!

  2. Sorry, but I’m not a fan of the sound an engine makes when its a flat plane crank design. I know, I’m old school, but I want my Corvette , to sound like a Corvette, a deep, basey sound, that leaves you no doubt about what is coming down the road or track. I never have cared for the screechy, high pitch tone of Imported car’s engines its like finger nails on a blackboard to me.

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