Final Production Statistics for the 2020 Corvette Model Year


Final Production Statistics for the 2020 Corvette Model Year

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

The National Corvette Museum has provided the official production statistics for the 2020 Corvette model year which provides us with a great opportunity to see how owners optioned their mid-engine Corvettes.

Production of the model year is expected to continue another couple of weeks before concluding on or by December 7th. As the final orders are locked in, Chevrolet’s official count for the model year will be 20,368. This total does include those pre-production saleable units that were built before customer orders began in February.

The breakdown of the 2020 models was 82.4% Coupe (16,787) and 17.6% Convertible (3,581) and the Z51 Performance Package accounted for 76% (15,476) of all Corvettes produced.

The 3LT package was the most popular which always is the case during the initial new model rollouts. A total of 46.8% of buyers went with the 3LT across both models with 39.1% choosing the 2LT and only 14.4% selecting the base 1LT trim package.

The exterior colors ranked by popularity are:

  1. Torch Red – 5,137 (25%)
  2. Arctic White – 3,098 (15%)
  3. Black – 2,383 (11.7%)
  4. Sebring Orange – 1,377 (6.8%)
  5. Elkhart Lake Blue – 1,369 (6.7%)
  6. Rapid Blue – 1,243 (6%)
  7. Ceramic Matrix Gray – 1,216(5.97%)
  8. Blade Silver – 1,130 (5.55%)
  9. Shadow Gray – 1,111(5.45%)
  10. Long Beach Red – 1,068 (5.25%)
  11. Accelerate Yellow – 688 (3.38%)
  12. Zeus Bronze – 548 (2.69%)

The NCM also provided a chart showing how the various models were outfitted with exterior and interior color totals and combinations. From that, we can see some rare combinations. For example, only one Corvette was painted in Accelerate Yellow and had a two-tone blue interior. Two Torch Red cars selected the two-tone Blue as well and two Elkhart Lake Blue and three Rapid Blue cars featured the Morello interior.

Final Production Statistics for the 2020 Corvette Model Year

Some other interesting options include the E60 Front Lift which was selected by 58% of owners (11,899), FE4 Magnetic Ride was selected by 54% (10,991), and the GT2 seats were the most popular choice at 12,548 (61.6%).

The most popular wheels were the Carbon Flash Open-Spoke wheels with 41.7% of buyers selecting the black version vs 36.9% going with the Bright Silver versions. The Black Trident wheels were optioned by 2,788 buyers (13.7%) while 2,420 selected the Spectra-Gray Trident wheels (11.9%) and 1,924 buyers selected the Sterling Silver Trident Wheels (9.4%).

To view or download the 2020 model year stats, click here.

National Corvette Museum

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  1. What would be worth seeing are age group demographics. After all, GM has wanted to get the under-45 bracket back into Corvettes, and was a factor behind the “under 60k” price point. Any way for you all to get this data from GM?

  2. Brian L, I went to over a hundred car shows this year, most of the guys behind the wheel of C8’s were still the older demographic. I saw probably 20-30 C8’s and I only saw maybe three guys under fifty behind the wheel. The average age of a Corvette buyer is 55. By comparison the average age of a Porsche 911 owner is 45. So Chevrolet has some work to do when it comes to getting younger buyers into the Corvette.

  3. DT, because the older buyers who have traditionally bought Corvettes will be retiring from Corvette ownership soon. You need a new younger base of consumers to take over or the Corvette will not survive in the future.

  4. The younger base lives with mommy and daddy. The garage already has a Buick in it.The old dudes got the cash and the time to drive them.

  5. Daniel, some younger people own businesses and do very well, they aren’t all lazy or living in a parental figure’s house. What good is cash gonna do you when you are old and sickly living in a nursing home and waiting for death to arrive?

  6. Ordered mine on August 29 2019 and don’t have one . But at least everyone is safe in these trying times . The dealer told me they put me in for a 2021 model now, so be it .Only problem will be I won’t be getting it in blade silver like my 2014 or my 2016 .

  7. These are interesting stats but does anyone have any up to date production intel to share?
    Does anyone have up to date stats on exactly how many C-8’s have been produced to date and if they are still on schedule to have them all completed by Dec. 7th as was announced prior to the shut down due to lack of parts availability fro Mexico?
    Does anyone know if acquiring all of the necessary parts to complete the remaining 2020’s are all available for production?
    I ordered my car in Sept. 2019. It was accepted by GM and went to 3000 since mid March of 2020 which was the last week they accepted orders for 2020’s before the cut off.
    I ordered a loaded up 3LT Torch Red Coupe car which finally reached 3300 status last week. I still don’t have any firm info regarding exactly when my car will supposedly be built and delivered to my dealer. I was hopeing it would have already moved to 3400 and then given a TPW. Any shared intel would be very helpful for the remainder of us still waiting for our cars to be built and delivered!

  8. I ordered a Blade Silver in late August. Probably wont hear anything about even being on the build list until Dec 2020 or Jan 2021. The guess right now is it may get built in 2nd Q [say April-June].

    As for the buying age, I too am a bit curious. Only to see how many people below the age of, say, 40 have actually purchased one. Just for fun. I figure there are a few that parents may have bought the car for their kids too… ???

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