‘Real Deal’ 1967 Corvette L71 Headed Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale in March


'Real Deal' 1967 Corvette L71 Headed Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale in March

Photo Credits: Barrett-Jackson.com

If you want to buy a “real deal” 427/435 horsepower 1967 Corvette convertible “in the right colors, the right options, the right provenance,” Barrett-Jackson has the car for you.

That’s how Barrett-Jackson Chairman & CEO Craig Jackson describes this Rally Red 1967 Corvette to be offered at no reserve during the Scottsdale, Arizona auction that has been moved to March 20-27, 2021.

“It doesn’t get any better,” Jackson says of this Rally Red Sting Ray with a black stinger hood and a black interior, and he should know since he’s owned the twin to this car for about 20 years.

'Real Deal' 1967 Corvette L71 427/435 Headed Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale

It goes without saying that the ’67 Sting Ray has been known as one of the world’s most desirable cars since it was new, and those warm feelings have only grown stronger over the past 53 years since Car and Driver said this in its May 1967 issue, describing the last of the C2s as “the most sophisticated passenger car made in America – in terms of engine, drive train, suspension and brakes – and among the best-engineered sports cars made anywhere. If that isn’t good enough to make it the Best All-Around Car of 1967, we’d like to know what is.”

Only 3,754 Sting Rays came with the L71 427/435 V8 Turbo-Jet engine in 1967, though Jackson points out that it seems like there are thousands more because some unscrupulous people have tried to sell fake versions over the years.

'Real Deal' 1967 Corvette L71 427/435 Headed Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale

But “this thing has absolutely rang the bell,” Barrett-Jackson President Steve Davis says of this ’67. “It showed up for judging; it took home the gold.”

Indeed, since being fully restored, this Sting Ray has earned multiple NCRS Regional Top Flight Awards, a National Top Flight Award, an NCRS Duntov Certificate, NCRS Performance Verification, NCRS Judges Special Appreciation Award, two Bloomington Gold Awards, Judges Choice Top Gun Vettefest, Gold Spinner Vettefest and Gold Spinner Triple Crown Awards.

'Real Deal' 1967 Corvette L71 427/435 Headed Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale

The car features dual side pipes, red-stripe tires over 15-inch bolt-on wheels, close-ratio 4-speed manual transmission, 3.70 Posi-traction rear end, F41 special suspension, auxiliary hardtop, push-button AM/FM radio, and transistor ignition.

The new owner – and there will be one since it’s being offered at no reserve – will receive lots of documentation, including the original window sticker, tank sticker, Protect-O-Plate, and keys.

In a word, wow! This might be the ultimate ’67.


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  1. Looks nice outside and in but, why did they spay paint the engine assembled? There is over spray on the intake/exhaust manifolds and thermostat bypass hose. I would need to look this one over very carefully.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong but I think cars in 67 came from the factory with overspray on the manifold

  3. They probably did have overspray because as I recall the completed engine assembly went through the spray painting process just prior to being shipped from the Chevrolet Tonawanda, NY engine plant. What are the original rocker arm covers for the different 427 engines for 1967, painted or chrome plated, i.e., 390, 400, 435 HP and L88 ? I had a 400 HP ’67 that had chrome plated covers but it was a Tonawanda plant company car that I had ordered.

  4. I was aware of the overspray on the aluminum intakes, bell housing, and exhaust manifolds, but I didn’t know the water pump bypass hose was sprayed orange except for the upper hose clamp. My ’67 427/390 Corvette was delivered with orange valve covers with the Tonawanda sticker on the passenger side valve cover.

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