[PICS] Digital Artist Offers Rendering of a Mid-Engine Cadillac Sports Car


[PICS] Digital Artist Offers Rendering of a Mid-Engine Cadillac Sports Car

Photo Credits: wb.artist20

Remember not so long ago when rumors were circulating that the prototypes running around the country might not be mid-engine Corvettes after all, but were instead < AHREF="https://www.corvetteblogger.com/tag/cadillac/">Cadillacs?

That crazy speculation turned out to be just that, but what if General Motors’ flagship luxury brand really did come out with its own version of the new C8 Corvette?

A rendering by wb.artist20 posted on Instagram recently attempts to show what such a Cadillac could look like, complete with the crested emblem, headlights, and grill synonymous with that luxury brand.

Personally, we don’t like the idea of a Cadillac latching onto the coattails of the C8, and we’re not even sure if the market would pay more for the Caddy emblem without offering much better reasons than GM did with the ill-fated XLR built alongside the faster C6 in Bowling Green from 2004-09, selling a high of just 4,387 cars the first year and falling to a measly 653 before the plug was pulled.

The Cadillac version would definitely have to feature some type of increased horsepower over the stock Stingray version that makes 495 horsepower – maybe with the Z06’s rumored 5.5-liter flat-plane twin-cam V8 or Caddy’s own twin-turbo 4.2-liter V8 that produces 550 horsepower and 625 lb-ft of torque in the CT6-V sports sedan.

Again, we don’t particularly like the idea of Cadillac swooping in and stealing the Corvette’s hard-earned thunder earned over the past 68 years, and for this to make any business sense at all, it would have to offer higher performance than the Chevy, not just a crested emblem. Of course, General Motors already does something similar with the Chevy Silverado and its duded-up GMC sibling Sierra, though those two pickups don’t exactly have the same panache as the much-heralded Stingray.

If anything, it seems to make more sense to us that if somebody really wants an even fancier C8, why not just offer a really extravagant 4LT package on the Stingray instead of resorting to a completely new Cadillac version that’s never going to be a big seller and might just cannibalize Corvette sales, based on past attempts?

[PICS] Digital Artist Offers Rendering of a Mid-Engined Cadillac

Now if Caddy wants to get around to actually producing a car like its 2002 Cien showcar that featured exotic bodyworks around an all-aluminum, DOHC, four-valve V12 with 750 horsepower, then we might be interested. We love Cadillac’s showcars, but they just seem to tease us and never follow through with the truly exotic supercars we know they’re capable of producing.

We’re anxious to hear what you think about the idea of a possible “Cadillac Stingray.”

Oscar Vargas / Instagram

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  1. Cadillac Stingray !? NO WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OVER PRICED is what I think of the Cadillac line of vehicles.This is the car line that should have been discontinued instead of the Oldsmobile and Pontiac Lines. I do not see a quality improvement over the other lines of vehicles GM produces that warrants the price they charge. How much more would they charge for said “Cadillac Stingray”, 10- 15- 20 thousand more just because it’s got the Cadillac name on it ?

  2. My wife has always loved the look of the XLR, and I have to admit, I liked it too, and fortunately/unfortunately,we didn’t have the funds to get one at the time…..but we do have 2008 and 2016 coupes…..his and hers, right?

  3. I say HELL YES!!! That is one bad ass looking MoFo. Way nicer then the XLR. Yes do it!!!

  4. John is right. Caddies are so overpriced and that additional cost is largely for nothing more than status. If GM wants to build a car (a “Caddy-Vette”) to return more profit than the Corvette, let them begin with the $100K Escalade and add more needless junk to raise the price even higher. There’s just too many GM big wheels sticking their finger in the Corvette pie. Their focus should be on building great cars/trucks for middle America before they TOTALLY lose the market to Toyota, Honda, and Kia.

  5. The front end is UGLY and wouldn’t be much of a seller, just someone’s imagination put to paper and that’s where it stays, on paper. Bad Ass??? No just plain bad.

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