[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Featured in New Chevrolet Commercial, ‘Just Better’


[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Featured in New Chevrolet Commercial, 'Just Better'

It’s not often that Chevrolet’s Corvette is advertised on television nationally, but on Sunday afternoon during the FOX NFL broadcast, we caught a new Chevrolet commercial, and the 30-second spot closes with running footage of a Torch Red 2020 Corvette.

We found the new ad posted on Chevrolet’s YouTube channel. Called “Just Better”, the ad highlights Chevrolet’s vehicles as a narrator paces the transitions:

Still your best friend, and now your co-pilot
Still your father, but now a friend
Still an electric car, just more electricying
Still a night out, but everything fits in
Still hardworking, just a little easier
Still a legend, just more legendary
Chevrolet…making life’s journey just better.”

Chevrolet’s description of the ad reads, “No matter what your day has in store, life with a Chevrolet vehicle is just better.”

Whenever we spot the plastic fantastic on TV, our spidey senses are immediately activated, which is generally followed by me yelling at the wife, “Did you see the Corvette?”

Chevrolet doesn’t do as many broad product commercials as you would think, and frankly, most TV advertising dollars are now dedicated to trucks and crossovers. So we’ll take any TV time we can get.

Chevrolet / YouTube

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  1. Being politically correct is really important if I don’t want to lose traction in any situation where being honest with my opinion can not gain me any traction. I have not cared for Cheverolet quality for many years. There has been degree of engineering at GM, notably Cadillac in some few cases over the years. Corvette, whether in a popular year or not, has always received what a halo car should receive: more time and attention to detail as well as R & D. In particular, though, other than a 2004 Corvette hatch, it is the 2020 Corvette Stingray wherein I observed an fabulous long-term effort create a car that I really wanted with good old American ingenuity, engineering, and excitement of home engineering. Produced was a car that is not perfect, but has more features packed into one car than anyone thought possible. Recently on a vlog, a Lamborghini owner, took time out from his $350,000.00 Lambo to test-drive a C8 loaned to him by one of the C8 owners who actually allows others to get behind the wheel. That Lambo owner came away mumbling something about suing Lamborghini for overcharging him for a car that was not as good as a 2020 63,000 dollar mid-engine Corvette Stingray. This Euro owner was distinctly, “all shook up.” AF

  2. Across the board, GM product is superior in every respect. I travel extensively and I am at a point that I request and demand GM cars at the rental counter… And these are cars that are driven long and hard. I’ll take a GM vehicle EVERY time.

  3. Ya GM has it’s issues but still the best. Can’t go wrong with a Vette of any year. With that being said, GM has done a great job of improving the Vettes and Camaro’s to a certain degree with every new Generation. They listen to us and make the changes, I am on my fifth Corvette and enjoy it daily. And yes it was nice to see the Torch Red C8 in the commercial, even Flow is driving a C7 in the latest Progressive Ins commercials. With Mopar having many tire smoking commercials which I get tired of but since that’s about all they can do I guess the “run what ya brung” thing applies. I do wish GM would have more commercials with the C8, Camaro and Cadillac CTS-V cars.

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