[VIDEO] Flo’s Latest Ride is a C7 Corvette Grand Sport


[VIDEO] Flo's Latest Ride is a C7 Corvette Grand Sport

Progressive Insurance company ‘fictional’ spokesperson Flo has been featured in many advertisements over the years, but her latest TV commercial is our new favorite to date.

That’s because she is seen pulling up to a sick beachfront crib in a Sebring Orange C7 Corvette Grand Sport. Co-spokesperson Jamie is also featured in the commercial riding a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle, and apparently, his knowledge of Victorian Architecture saved the day.

I admit to being easily entertained, especially whenever America’s Favorite Sportscar is involved. And if you don’t like it, well, you can kiss my grits! (Wrong Flo, but you get my drift!)

From Progressive Insurance via YouTube:

Bundle Overdrive 3: Terminal Vendetta is the latest installment of fast rides and big savings.

Progressive Insurance

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  1. This from a company that insists that good driving = going the speed limit. Meanwhile, some person on a cell phone nearly kills me half of the times I drive anywhere.

  2. I cringe every time I see her slam the door and not use the interior latch to close it so as not to leave dirt and oils from hands on that beautiful ride!

  3. “Flo” is not a Corvette person or a biker, plus she’s getting fat. For liability (with a good driving record) Wawanesa beats them all.

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