[VIDEO] TJ Hunt Shares Update On His StreetHunter USA C8 Corvette Widebody Project


[VIDEO] TJ Hunt Shares Update on His StreetHunter USA C8 Corvette Widebody Project

YouTuber TJ Hunt of StreetHunter USA fame is back with another video showing the progress his company has made over the past few months developing a widebody kit for the C8 Corvette.

We’ve already showed you the first test fit on a gray Stingray a few weeks ago, and now TJ is back at the body shop with another batch of really stiff 3D-printed panels, this time on a Torch Red car. Oscar at the body shop says the goal now is to make sure that all the panels look and fit the way TJ wants them, executing his vision, you might say. To make sure the prototypes are as good as possible, Oscar says he’ll even coat them in Torch Red paint to match the rest of the car sometime in the coming days. “The nice we leave these prototypes,” he says, “the better the end result’s gonna be. We’re gonna do everything possible to make them as perfect as possible.”

[VIDEO] TJ Hunt Shares Update on His StreetHunter USA C8 Corvette Widebody Project

Once TJ is totally satisfied with the prototype panels, they’ll be used to make molds for the actual panels that will then be available for other Corvette owners to purchase. No price has been released, but a similar kit for a Toyota Supra runs about $7,000.

Even though it’s hard to get a true feel for the way the finished product will look right now, with the two-tone look still going on, we have to say that we love this widebody look on the C8. Some folks may not be completely happy with the very high rear wing that StreetHunter has added to the kit, but just realize that it could have been worse for those people because TJ says they did decide to limit the width.

We can’t wait to see the final product because this kit is sure to take the already-awesome Stingray to the next supercar level.

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