[VIDEO] MagnaFlow Creates a Custom Exhaust for TJ Hunt’s 2020 Corvette


[VIDEO] MagnaFlow Creates a Custom Exhaust for TJ Hunt's 2020 Corvette

San Diego based YouTuber TJ Hunt was one of the first people to fit aftermarket exhaust to his 2020 Corvette this week. In fact, he was so early to the party that his C8 had to be taken directly to MagnaFlow where a prototype exhaust system was finished up and fitted to his Ceramic Matrix Gray C8. In typical YouTube fashion, the process was spread out between two videos with a cliffhanger in the middle to maximize clicks.

The first video can be seen Here and starts off with TJ making amends for an earlier video where he claimed that he couldn’t take off the roof of his first Corvette alone. He then heads over to MagnaFlow Headquarters where video 1 starts to take off. There are some neat behind the scenes looks at what goes into the design and fabrication of a new vehicle’s aftermarket exhaust system, a tear-down of the entire rear end of TJ’s Stingray, and, the pièce de résistance, some no-exhaust revving action which starts at 15:41.

Teej returns the next day to pick up his reassembled C8 in video #2. This one begins with some new Supra nonsense before getting back to business at MagnaFlow’s HQ. There is a great section for engineering nerds where they cut into the stock C8 exhaust starting at 1:14. Our ears aren’t treated to the custom system’s roar until a ZR1-approved 7:55 but it is worth the wait. The LT2 sounds as good uncorked and the new black-tips look coming out of the Stingray’s back corners. From that point on, we get to hear the exhaust in all manner of situations; flybys, launches, in-car (where we get a look at all of the beautiful displays), and stand-stills. It is really awesome stuff and, as far as we know, MagnaFlow will have the first C8 exhaust available, they will sell a ton of them!

The series doesn’t end there either, this guy is putting out a lot of content! The next day he posted another video where he laid out plans to ruin twin-turbo his ‘Vette, followed by a quest for even more clicks the next day when he posted another twelve-minute vid about his car being mistaken for a supercar. Stay tuned for the inevitable “five things that he hates about the car” piece! Seriously though, keep the content rolling, TJ, we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next!

TJ Hunt / YouTube

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  1. I’m sure the folks that are feverishly designing at Corsa, Borla and Akrapovič will come up with much better setups than this. But yes…ROUND tips only, please. And does anyone else find this guy pegging close on the annoying scale to that Streetspeed tool?

  2. Huge ascetic improvement over the OEM tips. The C8’s rectangular exhaust tips are just not for me…although some may like them and that’s cool. I do like the C7’s tips and wished they’d brought that particular round version over…maybe for the Z06??? I wouldn’t be surprised if the HP increase is negligible as it appears the factory unit has all the right engineering X-Pipe, etc… Normally, it’s not until other power-adders are applied that you’ll see aftermarket exhaust systems have a considerable increase in HP. Where I think someone could make money is a kit that replaces the factory tips, with something similar to the MagnaFlows…without replacing the entire unit. Not a fan of the crackle and popping myself…but I do understand why some do… Thanks!!!

  3. I’m curious about performance gains like others. The OEM exhaust manufacturer states that it will be near impossible to make an aftermarket exhaust that produces more power than the OEM. I am obviously skeptical, but I would like some closure.

  4. Straight up agree that the huge carbon fiber tips totally look the business; not only a Supercar look, but the look is one of venom and meanness. Possible that some other configuration might look better, but it is going to be nearly impossible to come up with something better. Chrome would be bling but black is mean; yeah, I’d rap the exhausut, watch out Ford Mustangs and Boss; Super cars move over, bad-ass’s coming through, mark you calendars for race day; the Vette is quick cause my tires stick; it puts power to the ground and forever you’ll be found at the top of the hill this Stingray’s got gills and it breathes fire and ice so here’s my advice: get used to second unless you join at zero in a vette of any color, here’s to you Mr. Zaro!

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