Corvettes for Sale: ‘Tailor-Made’ 2017 Caravaggio Corvette Z06


Corvettes for Sale: 'Tailor-Made' 2017 Caravaggio Corvette Z06

In 2007, Steve McQueen’s first Ferrari, a 1963 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso, sold at auction for $2.3 Million. It was one of only 350 Lusos built-in 1963, and McQueen custom-ordered his example in the unexpectedly stunning combination of metallic brown over beige.

Ten years later, on the modern democratized horsepower end of the car enthusiast spectrum, a particular cross-section of 2,057 and 1,900 discerning buyers walked into their local Chevrolet showroom and checked RPO boxes labeled Z07 and MEK, creating the year’s ultimate Corvette, a Z06 with the 7-speed manual transmission and all of the go-fast tech that GM’s finest engineers could dream up.

Corvettes for Sale: 'Tailor-Made' 2017 Caravaggio Corvette Z06

Now, in 2020, you have the opportunity to own the one car that occupies the middle of a Venn Diagram with McQueen’s Ferrari on one side and a 2.6x more powerful C7 on the other side. Currently up for grabs on Hemmings classifieds is a 2017 Corvette Z06 that was ordered with all of the special ingredients that the factory had to offer but still left its owner wanting more.

Enter John Caravaggio and his team of Corvette “tailors.” Inspired by McQueen’s Lusso, Caravaggio took the original black exterior and gave it a professional respray in a hue called Marrone Metallic that had a specialized dark brown metal flake mixed in. The car’s curb appeal was topped off with a set of custom center knock-off wheels that measure 20 inches in the front and 21 in the rear.

Corvettes for Sale: 'Tailor-Made' 2017 Caravaggio Corvette Z06

As eye-catching as the exterior of this Z turned out, its interior appointments are what will make other C7 owners turn green with envy. Step over the custom sill-plates, and you are met by a breathtaking two-tone motif that blends Steve McQueen’s light beige leather seats with a rich complementary dark brown that has been slathered upon everything from the dash, doors, and steering wheel to the seatbelts. We aren’t sure if this has ever been written about a car before, but it is the luxury of the trunk that really takes the cake. Soft, handstitched brown Alcantara covers every square inch of under-hatch space and seamlessly transitions into a matching headliner.

Corvettes for Sale: 'Tailor-Made' 2017 Caravaggio Corvette Z06

This extremely well-optioned Corvette with all of the craftsmen-level upgrades has only covered 2,200 miles in its 3+ years and is a relative steal at $115,000. The only catch is that our American readers will need to get it across the northern border to take delivery, but, as the king of cool himself said, “if you work hard, you get the goodies.”


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  1. Problem is, that cross section got among the slowest Z06s. Everybody knows the M7 is significantly slower to accelerate than the A8, and having drive Z07 back to back with non-Z07, I certainly wouldn’t suggest it for a street car. So, that leaves the only thing that car is good for is track work, and what do you need the fancy duds for to drive in a circle? Seems like a waste of money.

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