[PICS] Red Mist 2021 Corvette at the Corvette Assembly Plant


[PICS] Red Mist 2021 Corvette at the Corvette Assembly Plant

Photo Credit: Jeremy Welborn

Another sighting of the Red Mist 2021 Corvette Stingray and this time we promise not to delete it! These pics come from CorvetteBlogger contributor Jeremy Welborn who captured the pre-production 2021 coupe parked in front of the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green.

Jeremy is in town for a friend’s R8C delivery at the NCM and tells us it has been raining much of the day, and as soon as the sun popped out, he headed over to the assembly plant where he captured the Red Mist Stingray Coupe parked in the plant manager’s parking space. Being the assembly plant manager for the Chevrolet Corvette does come with its perks!

Knowing this is a pre-production model, Jeremy also snapped a pic of the VIN which shows the “M” for 2021 and “50” as the designation of pre-production Corvettes.

[PICS] Red Mist 2021 Corvette at the Corvette Assembly Plant

[PICS] Red Mist 2021 Corvette at the Corvette Assembly Plant

I’m really enjoying this new color? Any of you made the switch now that you’ve seen it? Let us know in the comment’s below.

Photos by Jeremy Welborn

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  1. I was wondering how one knew it was a 2021 and not a 2020, but I guess the VIN took care of that.

  2. I have two orders a different dealers one went in as a 20 and one was a first allocation 21 ,switched from elkhart to Red Mist for the 21, I think its gonna be a beautiful color,my guess is a lot of people are gonna be disappointed they got torch red once they see the new color next to theirs

  3. I ordered Red Mist, obviously to each their own for colors. I do like torch red too but it is pretty “ basic” to me. Plus, my wife signed off on red mist where as she didn’t like torch red, said it was too orange-ish. I really like the red mist in any light. For me, I can’t imagine why anybody would want a blue corvette but it’s proven to be super popular. I have also never owned a red car before so I’m excited. I have had a blue SUV, black SUV, silver Saturn sky, grey C7 grand sport, yellow Camaro plus also sorts of other colors on less exciting cars.

  4. Best red they’ve made in years. Metallic colors really show off the C8 contours well. Mine is Elkhart Blue and really shines in the sun or overcast skies.

  5. Amazing. I just completed the configurator for the 2021 before viewing this item. I selected Red Mist Metallic, Jet Black Interior with Yellow seat belts, Yellow calipers, CF mirrors, Z51 and 5 spoke CF wheels. Really cool to see what I selected in the “flesh”. Red Mist is going to be very popular.

  6. Doubt that I’d ever get a red C8, but if I did, it would NOT be Torch Red. SOOOOOOOO tired.

  7. How have you ordered a 2021? All I have been able to do is send mu spec to the dealer. And I am number 1 on his list. He tells me he has not received a official allocation. What am I doing wrong ?????

  8. Elkhart Blue would be my color..with silver polished wheels. I just say “NO” to black wheels

  9. Red mist is the color of champions. I changed my order as soon as I saw it. I’m hoping there isn’t any restraints on this color early on.

  10. What color interior with Red Mist. Red and Black two tone not recommended unless you option a color override. Is there a clash between the reds or why “not recommended” on the purchase order?

  11. I loved Long Beach Red, since they discontinued it, I have ordered a Shadow Grey. Saw one in person at my dealer and loved it.
    I agree with others that Red Mist looks cheap

  12. I have owned beautiful Torch Red Corvettes – C5 and C6 – both convertibles. As I get older I would like to stay in the red color scheme but tone it down a bit. I was hoping that the new Red Mist Metallic would be the choice. However, the pictures I have seen so far (not in person), appear to be into the Orange direction. Orange is Not my color!

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