[PODCAST] Carlisle Events’ Lance Miller Is On The Corvette Today Podcast


[PODCAST] Carlisle Events' Lance Miller Is On The Corvette Today Podcast

Corvettes at Carlisle has become an institution among Corvette owners as a must-attend event and that’s in part to co-owner Lance Miller and his team at Carlisle Events. This week, Lance sits down with Steve Garrett for another exciting episode of the CORVETTE TODAY Podcast!

Corvettes at Carlisle is one of the only major Corvette shows that took place this year. Lance talks about how things went in hosting the show during the pandemic. Plus, he also talks about what the show is like during a non-pandemic environment.

Lance is also the owner of the 1960 #3 Corvette that won its class at Le Mans in 1960. You previously heard about this valuable car on CORVETTE TODAY in podcast #14 with Kevin Mackay, podcast #15 with Michael Brown, and podcast #22 with Jan Hyde. But in this podcast, you get the story from the owners perspective!

It’s Lance Miller from Corvettes at Carlisle on the CORVETTE TODAY podcast.

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